Huron non-profit delivers on plan to link local pr

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Huron non-profit delivers on plan to link local producers, consumers - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A new startup in small-town Huron County is looking to bridge the gap between local producers and consumers, delivering food directly to residents’ doorstepsThe unfairness. It.

Eat Local HuronAlta., an online local food delivery service, launched last week and has nearly doubled in orders sincewill resume in-person learning., general manager Courtney Lang said.

“It’s been great,” Lang, the only full-time staff member, said of the community support. “From week to week, we’ve grown almost 100 per cent in orders, which is amazing. We’ve had some repeat orders as well.“

She added: “We want this to be a service that people can depend on week to week, and as part of their routine.”

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