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Licheng Street: work together as a propagandist and practitioner of waste classification release date: Source: Zengcheng

on August 24, Licheng Street launched a "national action day for waste classification" campaign in the streets and communities at the same time. In the main venue, 260 front-line sanitation workers had a wonderful and profound training course on garbage classification knowledge; At the sub venues such as Jincheng garden in Xiyuan Community and lingxiuyuan in country garden in Lixing community, the specific operation of garbage impact testing machine and garbage classification points exchange activities were carried out to further improve the garbage classification atmosphere in the community and strengthen the enthusiasm of residents in the community to participate in garbage classification

give full play to the role of front-line sanitation workers in publicity, persuasion, sorting and supervision

in garbage collection and transportation, sanitation cleaning personnel are not only participants, but also propagandists, persuaders, sorters and supervisors with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan. Licheng street sanitation Institute has made in-depth thinking and Practice on how to organize this team to give full play to their role of publicity, persuasion, sorting and supervision

the theme of the main venue is "original intention", and the lines of "asking for the heart", "seeking" and "chasing" are used to describe the "origin" of sanitation workers and waste classification. "Asking for the heart" let the sanitation workers review our "original heart": it is the protection and ideological belief of the sanitation workers - "I would rather be dirty than clean", so that Licheng can be clean, orderly, clean and beautiful. In the "search" chapter, the author describes the harmfulness and seriousness of unclassified garbage based on the common but inattentive phenomena around him; In the "follow-up" question, it conveys the importance and necessity of waste classification

sanitation workers are around every community and every resident. They take the lead in publicity and pass on the classification concept to the people around them. They are a strong publicity team. Fully mobilize the strength of front-line sanitation workers, show up at each dry and wet waste sorting bucket for persuasion, and stop littering. 2. The driving system of tensile testing machine: phenomenon, to guide residents to correctly classify and put in, is a powerful publicity and persuasion team

after the meeting, all the staff read out the letter of commitment of "I am the guardian of green waters and mountains, and I will go first in waste classification"

residents actively participated in the garbage classification points exchange prize activity

the activities in each community branch were equally enthusiastic. "Of course, we should actively participate in such a good thing that we can exchange prizes after the garbage is randomly classified." On the 24th, at Jincheng garden, Yikang Huafu, country garden Lingxiu garden, and on the 25th, at Licheng country garden and other points exchange gift activities, many residents were very interested in this way of participating in waste classification to get benefits

in Yikang Huafu community, there are some daily necessities such as paper towels, washing powder, detergent, toothpaste, etc. in front of the stalls with "classified garbage and quality of life". In front of the stalls, residents hold their points exchange cards and queue up to exchange gifts

"this is what I bought by sorting garbage!" Aunt GUI, who lives in Yikang Huafu, holds a bottle of detergent and two bags of laundry detergent. "Since the implementation of garbage classification in the community, I have been studying hard. I put garbage storage points as required every day, and the points can be exchanged for small gifts at the end of each month. It's good!"

it is understood that more than 100 residents went to the booth to exchange gifts on the 24th and 25th days. Through the point exchange activities carried out in each community, the residents' enthusiasm for waste classification was mobilized, and the residents' recognition and support for waste classification were won

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