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Thanks for the party's kindness, the 60 hardware and electromechanical workers in Nanning, Guangxi sing the praises of the subway. Bai Lin reports from this newspaper that an enterprise culture Publicity Month entitled "beautiful XiXiangTang · the most beautiful hardware workers" sponsored by Guangxi industrial equipment city and Nanning hardware and Electromechanical chamber of Commerce was held as scheduled in the station hall of Nanning east railway station. More than 100 people, including representatives of 60 hardware private enterprises, the general public and the media, from Guangxi industrial equipment city and Nanning Hardware & Electromechanical chamber of Commerce attended the event

in order to thank the party for its kindness, to repay the government, and to sincerely thank all sectors of society for their support and concern for enterprises over the years, as a benchmark enterprise in XIXIANGTANG district and even the whole Nanning hardware industry, 60 private entrepreneurs of Nanning hardware and electromechanical industry in Guangxi industrial equipment city are willing to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the older generation of hardware people who work hard, dare to venture, focus on industry and do their main business under the guidance of the party and the state, Strive to make the enterprise stronger and better, and ride the "Guangxi industrial equipment city private enterprise Endeavour" to rush to the spring of private economic development

when people walk into the "enterprise culture subway train of Guangxi industrial equipment city", they can feel a strong cultural atmosphere. There are beautifully designed enterprise publicity posters on the facade and ground of the carriage, including hardware and electromechanical entrepreneurs' style, gratitude, etc. representatives of 60 hardware private enterprises are also scattered in each carriage to explain voluntarily to the public

a caring entrepreneur of Guangxi industrial equipment city frankly said that the purpose of this month long activity is to fully respond to the national and local government's care policies for private enterprises, truly reshape industry norms, regain hardware feelings, carry forward the excellent heritage of hard-working hardware people, love the industry, love the people and love the nation, and also positively respond to the central and local implementation of private enterprise policies, It is believed that under the leadership of the party and the support, care and guidance of local policies, private enterprises have the confidence and determination to make enterprises better and stronger

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