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Covestro will start special film production in Guangzhou base

to meet China's growing demand for polycarbonate film from cold to hot

the plate production line will be shut down before the end of 2018

special film production will be started later

the production personnel will retain the German material manufacturer covestro to start the production of polycarbonate special film in Guangzhou base. The existing polycarbonate sheet production line will be shut down or transformed and replaced by the advanced special film production line. Polycarbonate special film has a wide range of applications, and can be used in the fields of shell, passport and other security cards, as well as automobile and other fields. These industries have a strong growth in China

Markus mingenbach, Asia Pacific director of special film business of covestro, said: "By transforming Guangzhou from a sheet metal production base to a special film production base, we can gain several advantages when we receive user failure information. First, we can meet the growing needs of customers without investing in new infrastructure and assets to build new plants. Second, the new production line will continue to rely on these. Do you check the skilled and experienced staff of the sheet metal production line? This enables us to quickly and effectively Increase production to meet customer needs. "

for the special film business of covestro, the strategic investment of taking over the Guangzhou plant is significant. This will promote business growth, better serve customers in China and the Asia Pacific region than before, and uphold the value proposition of trust, service and innovation. Through the Guangzhou base, the special film business will improve its service level in this important market and consolidate its position as an ideal partner for customers

in March this year, covestro announced the divestiture of the global polycarbonate sheet business. The first step is to sell the Sheffield plant in the United States. The divestiture plan for sheet plants located in China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa is under study. The transformation plan of Guangzhou factory marks a further step forward in the divestiture plan, and will support kestrow's strategy of continuously optimizing its business portfolio and focusing on its core business

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