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How did John Deere's standard track "three swordsmen" convince Chinese users

how did John Deere's standard track "three swordsmen" convince Chinese users

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following the successful launch of the extended crawler excavator (LC series), John Deere continued to enrich the production line of excavator products with the purpose of providing customers with efficient and reliable products. In 2016, he launched three new excavators (SC Series) with standard Crawler "three swordsmen -" E210, E240 and E360 in China

John Deere E210 standard crawler excavator

the standard crawler excavator, like the extended crawler excavator, fully embodies John Deere's mature technology. It has reliable and durable structural parts, hydraulic system, electrical system, and chassis related components, and adopts wet engine cylinder liner and efficient cooling system. Many enterprise users have the characteristics of long maintenance cycle when purchasing tensile testing machines, The durability of the machine is further enhanced

strong Deere "heart"

the three models are equipped with the power tech TM national three standard engine produced by John Deere in Tianjin engine factory, and the net rated power is higher than most models of the same tonnage in the industry. In addition, 2. In terms of dealing with the uncertainty of oil supply at the construction site when using the plastic tensile machine, John Deere optimized the fuel injection system, effectively reducing the sensitivity to oil products, and greatly improving the durability and oil adaptability of products under adverse conditions

"4+3" mode

about the hydraulic system, John Deere selects the positive flow system of the medium long-term pass, and four hydraulic power modes are available to balance productivity and fuel consumption. In addition, there are three working modules under the seal switch module of the three models: lifting, hydraulic hammer and two-way hydraulic circuit, which can be installed and used under different working conditions

standard crawler

the new model has also improved the chassis of the lower frame. Among them, the standard crawler is what John Deere thinks he is most satisfied with. The standard crawler designed according to the needs of Chinese customers and specific working conditions is increased to 10mm in thickness, and the roller and drag chain wheel are all upgraded, which can better adapt to the uneven ground and reduce the cost of crawler wear. Considering that the crawler is easy to be damaged and broken during the construction of stony pavement in mountainous areas in China, the standard crawler makes the relative width of the whole machine narrower, and the transfer is more flexible under narrow working conditions; Moreover, the support increases the slope, which helps to prevent material accumulation and facilitate cleaning


for severe conditions, John Deere has also upgraded the upper frame of the three models. The bucket part, from the bucket shape to the bucket teeth, is designed to pursue higher penetration and durability. The big and small arms are made of Q345D steel with strong low temperature resistance. They can still work normally when Chinese competitions are held in Ulaanbaatar at minus 40 ℃ and literary groups and sports delegations are sent to visit each other every year

user experience John Deere standard crawler excavator

we have seen the differentiation of new models and John Deere's intentions. The birth of SC series excavators provides more choices for Chinese users. It is reported that John Deere e140lc small excavator will be launched in China. Please look forward to it

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