How does VMware practice digital transformation

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VMware: how to practice digital transformation

in today's highly interconnected world, 1. Amorphous material, as a former virtualization giant, VMware is also adjusting its role positioning. Focusing on cloud and mobile commerce, VMware is helping enterprises successfully realize digital transformation to meet the challenges of business innovation

with the advent of the digital age, the new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing, big data and IOT is accelerating its penetration into traditional industries; All walks of life have also spared no effort to move towards digitalization to stimulate enthusiasm for innovation and create new growth points. According to the survey results, 73% of enterprise leaders said that centralized technology strategy is the top priority of enterprises. It is not only the core of digital transformation, but also the core of leading enterprise innovation

in today's highly interconnected world, VMware, a former virtualization giant, is also adjusting its role positioning. Focusing on cloud and mobile commerce, VMware is helping enterprises successfully realize digital transformation to meet the challenges of business innovation

vmware believes that the primary task of enterprise digital transformation is the upgrading of enterprise core capabilities, and enterprises should have a high degree of flexibility to seize opportunities and face competition. The upgrading of IT infrastructure is the strategic foundation of the enterprise. This infrastructure should be agile and flexible, reliable and stable, controllable and safe

recently, VMware held a greater China managers' Summit Forum in Hangzhou with the theme of accelerating digital business transformation, which aims to discuss with industry elites from the mainland, Taiwan and three places how digital transformation can help enterprises innovate. Avon Puri, vice president of enterprise it of VMware, gave a top interview and shared VMware's own experience in digital transformation

Avon Puri, vice president of enterprise it of VMware, joined VMware in March 2010 and is now vice president of enterprise it of VMware. Under the leadership of Avon, his team is responsible for delivering all enterprise it programs and Devops, providing maintenance and support services for enterprise applications and platforms, and promoting the transformation of VMware into a 10 billion large enterprise

avon said that VMware's own digital transformation is manifested in four aspects, namely, cloud architecture construction, Devops, digital workspace, and security. In fact, this also corresponds to the existing product layout of VMware

in terms of cloud architecture construction, VMware transforms the original traditional IT architecture into cloud architecture, which can obtain great flexibility through on-demand infrastructure. In addition, innovating the public cloud experience on the private cloud can save a lot of money. Many of VMware's original systems are isolated. Later, the integration of resources and unified management of applications were achieved by building a private cloud. Avon said

for example, in the past, the main problem of VMware Sales Department was that when implementing workflow, it may need to be implemented on different systems. Later, VMware integrated all these systems together and optimized them, which is equivalent to what might have required six steps. Now it can be completed in one step, and it is digitized

Avon then said that VMware's IT department used to use public cloud services, but later found that the cost remained high. As a result, VMware built a private cloud platform, which is more flexible in terms of cost and control, enabling the company to focus more on innovation rather than traditional investment

it can be said that VMware cross cloud architecture is the product of VMware's own it practical experience. Now, VM is actually not. Ware further extends its original hybrid cloud strategy to support customers to run, manage, connect and protect any application on any cloud and device in any operating environment. In order to support the cross cloud strategy, vmwa has no equipment internationally that can directly detect the thermal characteristics of thin films. Re also released: VMware cloud foundation, a unified software defined data center (SDDC) platform, which supports customers to easily manage and run private clouds

in Devops, that is, agile development, VMware has made innovations in application architecture. Devops is essentially a continuous optimization process, which needs to be considered from the three dimensions of organization, technology and process. The goal is to accelerate the lean operation of it. Devops advocates friendly cooperation among development, testing, operation and maintenance

avon said that VMware's practice in Devops should be called a transformation journey beyond Devops. First, VMware should migrate to the cloud native application architecture, second, improve the work efficiency and automation level of developers, and finally implement the continuous security practice model

for example, VMware's photon platform is a container optimized cloud computing platform, which can provide developers with the tools and services needed to build, test and run new applications on demand, while enabling it departments to maintain the security, controllability and performance of data center infrastructure

in terms of digital workspace, employees want to get a consumer experience on any device, any application and any cloud. To this end, VMware workspace one provides more support for employees and enterprise suppliers with their own mobile devices, including easy-to-use application support and a new continuous access strategy

it can be said that VMware workspace one solves the conflict between employee experience requirements and company security expectations. Visionary enterprises can use mobile Internet and IOT to create a new digital workspace or new business scenarios. Avon said so

at the same time, in the digital transformation of enterprises, security needs to run through. VMware's starting point in security is to solve problems from the architecture level and balance security and ease of use through architecture changes. For example, VMware NSX can separate security functions from the underlying physical infrastructure and embed them directly in the hypervisor, so as to distribute them in various data centers. This fundamental change in the way security is provided overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional architecture. It enables intelligent security policies to move with virtual workloads without relying on physical network topology

in conclusion, Avon said that VMware's transformation in digital transformation has promoted the optimization of enterprise business processes and achieved business growth. Our main task is to achieve business growth. At the same time, we also cooperate with business departments to promote the development of the company's products. For example, we may be the first users of products in the company's R & D department. Avon said that we have always held an open attitude that they have achieved the industrialized production of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics. Through internal practice, we can help the company achieve maximum flexibility and save costs at the same time

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