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How efficient is the beverage densimeter

the beverage concentration meter adopts a two-wire transmitter with integrated structure, which has no moving parts and simple maintenance. Continuous measurement of liquid density and temperature can be directly used for production process control compared with ordinary building fiber fire sites. Double four digit liquid crystal display, temperature and density parameters can be displayed at the same time, which is convenient for industry standard density conversion. The densimeter has several different liquid contact materials. It is easy to install and use. The reading can be displayed by inserting liquid, which simplifies maintenance, and there is no need for regular cleaning. There is no need for standard reference source, laboratory calibration, and process interruption for the calibration of beverage concentration meter

the advantage of drinking pneumatic material concentration meter is continuous detection, which no longer requires frequent manual sampling and laboratory detection, saving a lot of manpower and financial resources. Eliminate manual detection errors and ensure product consistency. Continuous measurement, rapid feedback, improve product quality. Improve the degree of automation, and the relevant concentration data can be connected to the central control room in the form of groups. It is not affected by alcohol bubbles and pressure (compared with density method). It is a kind of equipment for continuous measurement of liquid concentration and density, and can be directly used in the process of industrial production. The intelligent densimeter adopts the principle of differential pressure densimeter, which can calculate the density value according to the differential pressure value of the medium at a certain straight interval, and actively compensate for the temperature. It has high precision, good reliability, and frugal use of the device

the beverage concentration meter can detect and measure the density of various liquids or liquid mixtures. It can be widely used in petroleum and refining in the petrochemical industry. With the improvement of environmental protection regulations, oil, oil transfer and oil-water medium detection; In the food industry, it is used in the production site of grape juice, tomato juice, fructose syrup, vegetable oil and soft drink processing; Dairy industry; Paper industry; Measurement of black pulp, green pulp, white pulp and alkali solution; Liquor making accuracy; Measurement of density of urea, detergent, glycol, acid-base and polymer in chemical industry. It can also be used in mining brine, potash, natural gas, lubricating oil, biopharmaceutical and other industries. Output: 4-20mA current output, digital signal (Hart has 10 or 6 slot protocols with different widths on the side wall of the disc); Accuracy: 0.001g/cm3; Density range: 0-2g/cm3; 0——3g/cm3; Instrument power supply: 16-30vdc power supply, 24VDC is recommended; Resolution: 0.0005g/cm3; Temperature range: 0-100 ℃. Temperature accuracy: 0.2 ℃, ambient temperature: -10-60 ℃, humidity range: 0-90%

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