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At present, China's waste plastic recycling industry has developed steadily and made due contributions to China's resource regeneration and environmental protection

due to the sharp rise in the price of plastic raw materials in 2004, the industry has become hot and attracted a lot of social investment. More and more people and new enterprises engaged in the industry have promoted the prosperity of the waste plastic recycling market and technological progress

in order to actively guide the healthy development of the industry and provide a platform for exchange and cooperation for the majority of member units, the general meeting of the Professional Committee for recycling of waste plastics of China Plastics Association is scheduled to be held on the 25th at the Taizhou Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang Province (during the China Plastics Fair), where members, directors and vice presidents will be re registered and the articles of association will be amended, And hold a technical council to know before using the metallographic polishing machine

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