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How does Fuyao Glass take the road of "industry 4.0"

innovator, so that there is no difficult business in the world! Recently, "fortune" announced the "20 most admired Chinese companies", and Fuyao Glass was listed. As early as December 30, 2015, Forbes Chinese released the list of "new manufacturing pioneers", which selected 1. Our customer service department of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. has a professional team of 4 representatives and business figures who will lead China's future manufacturing power. Caodewang, chairman of Fuyao Group, is the only representative of the automotive and parts industry who has been rated. In Forbes China's reasons for Cao Dewang's listing, it was written that Cao Dewang put forward the slogan of "let industry 4.0 settle in Fuyao". He is the initiator and practitioner of this slogan

the friction wheel surface in Fuyao Glass gearbox must not be oiled or splashed with oil stains. How did glass go along the road of "industry 4.0"

flexible intelligent production, the same production line completes customization of different categories

as the main supplier of famous automobile brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley and Land Rover, Fuyao Glass often needs to produce dozens of smart glasses on the same production line to meet the needs of different customers: from head up visibility to deicing and defogging, from sound insulation and noise reduction to infinite dimming; Avoid conflict by combining military aircraft; For force measurement, HUD projection technology projects the instrument panel to the front windshield, to the hydrophobic glass designed for rainy days; From the coated heating glass for deicing, defrosting and demisting, to the sound insulation glass for reducing noise interference, and then to the stepless dimming glass that allows the transparency of the side window to change freely, Fuyao needs to realize intelligent production and efficient switching in the same production line while meeting the needs of different customers

through the two strategies of "leading technology and intelligent production", Fuyao Glass has built a digital connection channel, opened up all links such as R & D, production, control and sales, and built a new "Fuyao mode" of "customized products and automated manufacturing", so as to create the industry 4 of China's manufacturing industry. 0 template. Taking a workshop with an annual output of millions of sets of automotive glass as an example, a highly flexible production method can realize the production of dozens of different types of automotive glass on the same production line. The switching of glass categories with less complex manufacturing process usually takes only 1 hour, and a workshop can produce tens of thousands of different types of automotive glass a year. From the beginning of placing an order, customers can order 2000 pieces of automotive glass in only one day, realizing the flexible production of "multi variety, small batch and high efficiency"

mining invisible data with IOT and integrating the data into productivity

in Fuyao's float glass workshop, it is difficult to find manual workers. Automated assembly lines and robots cooperate to produce efficiently and stably. The essence of flexible production is to constantly digest and meet the requirements of customers from different countries and cultures for quality, design and language expression

the key challenge is to automate the data flow. It is necessary to realize the automatic, real-time and comprehensive recording of each processing action and behavior of people, raw materials and machines in the process of user needs - order information - Product Development - Process Planning - production and manufacturing - use and maintenance, so as to realize the automatic collection, automatic transmission, automatic processing and automatic execution of data in all links of the whole production process, Let the right data be sent to the right people and machines at the right time, so as to solve the production uncertainty, diversity and complexity caused by flexible customization production

Fuyao intelligent factory makes the implicit data in the production process explicit through industrial interconnection technology, that is, the implicit information of production, processing, logistics and other links is collected with the help of sensors, IOT, industrial computers and other equipment, and then transmitted to the production management business system (such as MES system) through highly reliable industrial networks. Finally, the production business system based on big data platform will realize the value of data, so that "data" can be transformed into "knowledge" with decision-making basis. In the process of exploring the construction of digital intelligent factory, Fuyao Glass continuously optimizes the production organization process by integrating the concept of industrial interconnection into the production business system, and endows people, machines, equipment, materials and other factors with more "intelligence", laying a solid foundation for high-quality and efficient production. Experimental research on the preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces by micro nano imprinting method, Fuyao Glass has always been invincible in the face of global competition

digitalization of the whole process and "Introduction" of technical experience into enterprise assets

xinhuansan's intelligent factory network solution is an important part of Fuyao Glass Industry interconnection system. By establishing a highly reliable, low delay and safe industrial network, sensors, machinery and equipment and other field units are connected with R & D and design software, production management software, workshop execution system to realize "it and ot integration", The whole process digital "intelligent manufacturing system" has been established

through the digitalization of the whole manufacturing process, Fuyao has embedded the industrial technology, knowledge, norms, experience and methods accumulated for many years into the enterprise information assets, processes and systems to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise

Fuyao Group runs the latest production "digitalization" concept through the whole production process, and the Xinhua three intelligent factory network solution has created a high-speed and reliable industrial interconnection transmission channel

exploring industry 4. 0 in the process of implementation, Fuyao Group and Xinhua San set a new industry benchmark for made in China 2025 based on their professional advantages, opened a new mode of intelligent manufacturing, and made a leap towards "intelligence"

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