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Xyzprinting how to change the ecology of the automotive industry

using 3D printing technology to shorten the development and proofing process of vacuum extractors in the production of automotive plastic parts industry, time and accuracy are very important. With the introduction of new technologies, whether a specific manufacturer can quickly manufacture and test product prototypes will deeply affect its ability to manufacture high-quality parts and reduce production costs

use 3D printing technology to shorten the development and proofing process of vacuum extractors. In the industry of producing automotive plastic parts, time and accuracy are very important. With the introduction of new technologies, whether a specific manufacturer can quickly manufacture and test product prototypes will deeply affect its ability to manufacture high-quality parts and reduce production costs. 3D printing can accelerate the testing process, reduce personnel investment, and improve production efficiency. Techniplas is a recognized leading brand in the design and manufacture of vacuum power systems. With the vacuum booster system, the brake booster check valve loading weight of 2.5kg can be exempted × 3+1.25kg=8.75kg。 In fact, the techniplas vacuum boost manifold can be used with smaller brake boosters. In this way, it can not only save money and space under the hood, but also maintain the key performance standards of the automotive system at the same time. Techniplas vacuum assist system can increase the vacuum pressure of each system to enhance braking, fuel and other systems. Recently, techniplas has begun to use 3D printing in the process of manufacturing and testing next-generation product prototypes


for decades, techniplas has been deeply engaged in the development and design of key components and parts in the power and energy application industry, and has also led the transformation of the industry. Techniplas is one of the first companies to combine traditional manufacturing and layered manufacturing with embedded computing, driving and deep learning functions, and provide new products and services for the world, so that traditional techniques can be perfectly integrated with fast-growing new technologies

through sensors and in-depth learning, techniplas can connect vehicle parts and components that were not part of the data ecosystem in the past, the smaller the relative humidity is, and the system, so as to generate and collect valuable data, and then provide mission critical products at a specific pace and scale, so as to strengthen its customers' market leadership. Techniplas provides unprecedented service quality to existing and early technology companies in an efficient way, and takes this to establish a good business record and global business distribution

Brent Zollinger is a senior director of the laminate manufacturing department of techniplas digital, with 20 years of experience in automotive product and process development. Before joining the laminated Manufacturing Department of techniplas, Brent was the global business manager of the laminated Manufacturing Technology Department of Honeywell Turbo Technologies. He was responsible for managing more than 50 ame projects, introducing the new shaft and wheel assembly process into the production process, and planning the global manufacturing strategy of Honeywell Turbo Technologies

Brent has decades of experience in the automotive industry and laminated manufacturing. Therefore, Brent dialyses the actual efficacy of various technologies. He believes that 3D printing can bring extremely efficient solutions to the manufacturing industry of automotive plastic parts


in the process of manufacturing and testing vacuum suction technology, Brent must quickly manufacture product prototypes with accurate dimensions, and its surface roughness must be similar to the injected object. However, due to the surface tension of the resin, the narrow diameter and gap of the vacuum aspirator are particularly difficult to form through the traditional SLA system


brent uses xyzprinting partpro100 XP to make the product prototype of the vacuum aspirator. The software of this printer is not only convenient to use, but also the operation of 3D printer is simple and intuitive. In addition to high-quality, accurate printing quality and excellent functions, 3D printers can also shorten the printing cycle and improve the complete user experience. The automatic resin injection system can detect the residual strength of the torsion tester of the piezoelectric load sensor, and automatically inject the resin in time to reduce the waste of resin. Parts made of xyzprinting's special resin can be easily removed, cleaned and cured after printing, thus saving valuable time and ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the object


the functional components produced by partpro100 XP far exceeded Brent's expectations. For techniplas, replacing sheet metal processing with 3D printing can not only save three (3) weeks of production time, but also save us $10000 for each design iteration. Partpro100 XP can shorten the time to market and reduce the design cost without affecting the function and overall use of the product. Therefore, partpro100 XP has become an ideal 3D printer for techniplas when producing auto parts

production quality companion

partpro100 XP is a more affordable high-resolution 3D printer. It has leading printing speed and exquisite printing quality, and is a high-quality choice for experiencing 3D printing

precise and high-quality plastic parts

partpro100 XP is developed according to DLP technology in order to achieve excellent quality and fast printing. DLP technology is a more suitable option for printing small parts

professional material

partpro100 XP uses professional plastic resin, which is characterized by tough surface quality, and is very suitable for making prototypes of small parts


proacurre resin can show high precision and high resolution, which is very suitable for models with precision details and assemblies requiring high precision

compatible model partpro100 xp


prohightemp is a high heat-resistant resin. Its high temperature and pressure resistance is an excellent solution for making rubber molds. It is suitable for the production of jewelry, art works and fixtures in batch production

compatible model partpro100 xp


proutility is a resin suitable for general use, which can achieve perfect results in prototype application and model making. Opaque gray material is very suitable for fine presentation, which causes great pressure on environmental protection, so it is an ideal solution for design verification

compatible models partpro100 XP

wide range of applications

partpro100 XP is the most affordable DLP technology high-resolution 3D printer. Its output quality is excellent, and anyone who takes the responsibility of product development and refinement with multi platform prototyping should have it

partpro100 XP has a very excellent application in the production of automotive plastic parts, which is a new trend in the production of automotive plastic parts

xyzprinting provides value-added services for our operations from beginning to end. For us, these printers using UV curing are really valuable because they are very cost-effective and can completely transform the overall design into the manufacturing cycle. Out of the box, easy to install. The software interface is also quite intuitive and easy to use. Our printed parts are better than expected (especially in this critical application) and have better surface quality

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