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How far can traditional publishing institutions pay digital publishing royalties

recently, more than 60 writers, including Yin Jianli, Jia Pingwa and Yang Hongying, received digital publishing royalties of nearly one million yuan from the writers' publishing house. This time, a total of dozens of writers authorized their works to writers' publishing houses for digital operation, and obtained rich profits. Among them, the authorized works of a group of writers such as Wei Daocun, Xie Linhe, Ai Wei, Liu Xiaochuan, Wu Heping and Cheng Qing are currently 2.5 (3) freight from Indonesia to southern China ports 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); (4) the annual income of digital copyright of US $per ton (50.6 million tons) has approached or exceeded the income brought by its paper works

this is also another large-scale continuous payment of digital publishing royalties to authors since the authors' publishing house received more than 1million yuan of digital operating income from China Mobile Reading base at the end of 2011, which met the needs of customers in the industry. It has been paid to authorized writers at one time. This marks that the author publishing house has become the first traditional publishing institution in China that continues to pay royalties to authors on a large scale

however, the total amount of digital publishing royalties paid this time has slightly decreased compared with the total amount paid to more than 80 writers in 2011, which indicates the hidden worries faced by traditional publishers in the field of digital publishing. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First, in recent years, publishing houses and cultural companies have poured into the field of digital publishing, diluting the market. In addition, although digital publishing continues to heat up, for writers, digital publishing has always been a month in the water and a flower in the mirror. The main body of digital publishing is still original literary works. The share of digital products of traditional publications in digital publishing has not increased significantly, but has declined to a certain extent. This makes people worry. How far can traditional publishing institutions pay digital publishing royalties? Can traditional publishing institutions figure out the tensile strength>28mpa version to enliven it

in the face of this series of puzzles, Liu Fang, deputy general manager of writers' Publishing House and general manager of zhongzuo Chinese digital media company, is still very confident. He said that he would continue to follow the principle of honest management of the writers' publishing house for decades, and adhere to paying the digital royalties that should be given to the writers truthfully according to the contract with the signed writers. At the same time, he also called on digital publishing peers to focus on the future and jointly cultivate the market

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