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As the main raw material, how does waste paper affect the production of packaging paper? In view of the uncertainty of this matter,

waste paper is considered to be an important material source for 70% of the paper production in Vietnam, including packaging paper. Therefore, it is very necessary to overcome the difficulties related to imported waste paper

challenge: collecting waste paper can only meet% of the demand

many paper scraps, such as mixed paper, one of the important materials for the production of packaging paper, can now stand outside the imported entry list. This is a huge challenge for the industry, because about 70% of the paper is produced from waste paper

current situation ② the indentation hardness shows that the collected paper scraps can meet the demand of% at most, and the rest must be imported. At the same time, the seminar amending Decision 73/2014/q-ttg stipulated that the list of waste materials allowed to be imported from abroad as raw materials with poor accuracy and sensitivity for the production of hardness meters, including the proposal to eliminate HS waste paper, commonly known as mixed paper, is an important source of raw materials for enterprises to produce packaging paper (paperboard, corrugated iron...)

the demand for wrapping paper with domestic consumption and export growth is very high, about 15% per year, which is the highest number of many types of paper. Therefore, if the mixed paper is excluded from the list of imported materials, it will have a significant impact on the enterprises producing packaging paper, which usually lack production raw materials, increase production costs and reduce enterprise efficiency. "According to the data of the first six months of 2018, the amount of mixed paper in the total amount of imported waste accounts for 37% of the total. It is expected to reach about 2million tons in 2018. If so, the damage is about $37million." Pham Dinh Thuong said - policy analyst

there is a need for "understanding" dialogue between national management and the business community

many experts said that at this time, it is necessary to tighten the management of imported waste materials, especially when some enterprises use the gap in the import management of waste materials in the past to import "garbage" into Vietnam, affecting the environment. However, waste paper groups such as mixed paper are still important manufacturing materials in the industry. Therefore, panzhidong, former Minister of industry and trade of the Ministry of industry and trade, said: "3. The decision to upgrade and transform control means may cause potential problems to the development of the paper industry, especially many related production and services."

the enterprise said that the mixed paper now entering the paper mill will undergo a strict treatment process, and the waste will also be put into the boiler for treatment. At the same time, different changes have taken place in the technology of bleaching process. From traditional materials to other materials, the waste to the environment has also been greatly reduced

Hoang Trung son, vice president of the Vietnam pulp and Paper Association (VPPA), said that there should be a clear dialogue between national regulatory agencies and the business community in order to have a "clear understanding" of the regulation of waste paper

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