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How did the copper wire get in when the outer skin of the wire was so thin

how does the copper wire get in when the outer skin of the wire is so thin

little friends who have tossed household appliances must have encountered such problems. It is very difficult to cut copper money from three layers of wires. How does the machine wrap the outer skin of wires with such a complex process

in fact, the wire seems to have a complex process, but the production process has been automated in terms of theoretical analysis and design calculation of components. The plastic outer sheath on the copper wire is completed by the extruder. There are two holes at both ends of the machine, one large and one small. The copper wire enters the machine through the small hole at a constant speed. In the process, the extruder squeezes molten plastic, wraps the copper wire, and then comes out from the big hole. Then go to the next link. Conduct high-voltage test through the spark machine. If the thickness of the outer sheath is not enough, it will be punctured by the high-voltage electricity of the spark machine and the alarm light will be on, which is the most important link to ensure the quality of wires

It can be said that

then, the wires will be transmitted to the strander, extruded into cables, and woven into a shielding layer made of tin foil, which mainly plays the role of electromagnetic interference shielding. Wrap it well ----- the wire of Professor Peng Xiangfang/Vice President of the school of mechanical and automotive engineering of South China University of technology is made more flexible and ductile through talc powder. Finally, a layer of shielding wire is wrapped with a braiding machine and finally formed through an extruder

finally, let's talk about the charging lines we usually use most. Charging lines of different brands are as cheap as a few dollars, and the regulations are dozens of dollars. In fact, their wire costs are about the same, and the price difference is mainly due to the fact that the connector is a built-in chip on the "top 50" of Hefei enterprises. The quality of this chip determines the speed of charging, so the price difference is opened

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