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How to solve the problem of uneven pressure affecting the printing quality when printing self-adhesive labels

ink "> the printing pressure has a great impact on the printing quality. Maintaining an average and constant printing pressure in the effective printing area can not only make the ink color of the printed matter average, the color difference is small, but also make the imprint size not disordered. The flat printing can achieve the greatest printing pressure. However, because of its manufacturing accuracy and the flatness of the printing plate, it can achieve the greatest printing pressure And the thickness of self-adhesive substrate can not reach a complete average, resulting in uneven pressure and affecting the printing quality

one of the measures to solve the uneven pressure is to make a cushion. Where the pressure is small, cushion the lower part of the workbench; One is to appropriately reduce the hardness of the flexo. But reduce the hardness of the flexible version. 2. Molding technology services: it is limited to assist manufacturers in completing product structure design, mold design and injection molding process adjustment. If the flexibility and hardness are too low, the geometric size of graphics and texts will expand outward, making small fonts easy to be in a trance. In large-area printing, the problem of printing pressure is not easy to solve. For this, we use the method used in bronzing, that is, wipe it clean after use, and pad a layer of silicone rubber plate with drying 175 lines and hardness of 90 on the workbench, so as to solve the problem of insufficient exhaust and local pressure

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