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Evergrande new material ho Da: how can China's self-produced led glue win the competition?

when talking about led glue, the first thing that will come to the minds of the industry will be Dow Corning, shinyue, Hitachi, Toshiba and other international brands. But now more and more mainland enterprises are familiar to everyone, and Evergrande new materials is one of them

Guangdong Evergrande New Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, is a national high-tech enterprise in China, and its brand "Kraft" is a famous trademark of Guangdong Province; Focusing on the R & D and production of adhesives and sealants for 20 years, it has a number of industry-leading technology patents. After years of efforts, Evergrande new material led glue has been recognized by more and more enterprises in the industry

"in the future, the company will, as always, adhere to 'develop new products with scientific and technological innovation, produce high-quality products with quality management, and make customers use our products well with fast and appropriate services', and constantly strive to forge ahead and create more and better high-quality products." Mr. He Daxian, project manager of Evergrande new materials led, said

recently, when walking into Evergrande new materials, he Daxian, the company's LED project manager, made a detailed introduction to the latest market situation and future technology trend of LED glue

technology first, improve the trust of domestic brands

Q: how much does led silicone account for the company's performance? How does Evergrande new material position the future development of LED silicone in the company

he Daxian: the LED industry is developing very rapidly, and we are very optimistic about the development of this industry. At present, led silicone accounts for about 25% of our company's business. Silica gel is an important production auxiliary material in the LED industry. Whether it is the packaging adhesive for LED packaging, or the sealant, potting adhesive and thermal conductive adhesive for LED lighting products, our "Kraft" brand products have excellent performance, creating value for many customers

we hope that through our efforts and customer support, we can develop from the current leader in China to try to compete with foreign first-line brands in terms of LED packaging adhesive; In terms of sealant, potting adhesive and heat-conducting adhesive, we can become the leader of adhesive solutions for LED lighting in China

Q: will Chinese enterprises now prefer to choose Chinese glue brands

he Daxian: LED lighting products are in the process of continuous development in both application fields and production technology and process. There will be new requirements for materials and adhesives, which requires supporting material enterprises to have strong R & D strength and fast response speed. Foreign brands have no advantage in response speed. Mainland enterprises with R & D technology precipitation represented by Evergrande new materials have become an important choice for enterprises producing LED lighting products

in terms of high-power LED packaging glue, the international major brands represented by Dow Corning have the advantages of technology first mover and brand popularity. Some enterprises in the mainland that made packaging earlier have adopted their products. These enterprises also have the first mover advantage. Under the condition of not very fierce market competition, the demand for reducing costs by using mainland glue will not be very strong for the time being. However, if the new high-power LED packaging enterprises want to break the first mover advantage of previous enterprises, using mainland packaging glue has become an important option, and the cost difference is still relatively large! After the formation of market forces, the sun shines ahead

Q: what are the advantages of Chinese brand glue? How do you think mainland enterprises should strengthen their own construction to improve the trust of the market

he Daxian: the biggest competitive advantage of Chinese enterprises is cost performance, which is also the main reason why many enterprises choose mainland glue; Another important advantage is that we can develop glue that is more suitable for customers' production and use according to customers' actual glue habits. For example, led cob fence glue, the ker-2000-dna storage conditions of Xinyue need to be refrigerated, while our company's cob fence glue k-5521 can be stored at room temperature without refrigeration. Although it is a small change, it greatly facilitates the use of customers, thus highlighting our company's competitive advantage

there are obstacles in the lifting process of the pendulum. How can we improve the trust of well-known enterprises at home and abroad in domestic glue brands? I think: leading should be to increase the ability of technological innovation; The second is to improve the level of enterprise management and ensure product quality

Q: we have learned that some silica gel enterprises in the mainland only buy some foreign materials for processing, and they do not produce silica gel themselves. Is this the case

he Daxian: this does not rule out that some small workshop enterprises operate in this way. Taking the application field as an example, some customers may have low requirements for potting adhesive, so they can do it in this way, but the technical content and product stability of the products are poor. Generally speaking, customers will choose products with brand awareness and quality assurance

competition intensifies, optimistic about led growth space

Q: the gross profit margin of most LED packaging enterprises has decreased significantly this year. According to our survey, compared with the profits of more than 90% of LED packaging enterprises last year, the proportion of loss making enterprises has increased significantly this year. Is this affected by the suppliers of packaging 1 time adhesive? Do you feel that this year's market is not as good as last year's

he Daxian: packaging is the foundation of LED. In the past, there were more landscape lighting and more Chinese government projects. Gradually, there will be more and more civil lighting and commercial lighting. Therefore, the development of packaging is relatively fast. Relatively speaking, the competition is more intense than before, and the packaging cost and other aspects will decline. This is the trend of development

the market will be weaker this year, which is related to the general environment. However, the upward spiral of the market is certain

Q: we know that the price of silica gel has decreased by about 30% this year. What is the reason for the decrease

he Daxian: the decline you mentioned should be the glue relative to foreign brands. Now the products of some enterprises in the mainland are basically mature, and many enterprises also switch to mainland products. In this way, compared with foreign brands, the price may fall sharply. For example, the foreign high-power LED packaging glue is six to eight thousand, and now the mainland packaging glue is one to three thousand

Q: how do you view the future market? Will prices continue to fall

he Daxian: I think with the increasing market share in the mainland, prices should continue to decline. In the future, led enterprises in the mainland will gradually choose some materials in the mainland, such as packaging glue, and our market share will slowly expand

now there are many negative voices in the LED industry. Why do you lose confidence in LED? At the beginning, many enterprises did not see the direction clearly and felt that there were subsidies in LED. In fact, every industry is like this. At first, if the front enterprises taste the sweetness, and a large number of funds follow the trend, there is no clear direction. Survival of the fittest, every industry will face a reshuffle

"Kraft" led, seeking new business opportunities

Q: packaging enterprises are very enthusiastic about cob research. As a glue enterprise, how do you see the future development space of cob

he Daxian: cob has developed rapidly in the past two years. At present, some packaging companies cooperate with us in cob research and development. Kraft cob wall glue is developed in line with the market demand, and its product technology is relatively advanced, which is not inferior to foreign first-line brands

cob is developing so fast because LED is slowly turning to the development trend of civil lighting. Indoor lighting, such as downlight, spotlight and bulb lamp, can use the packaging form of cob, and the development space of cob is still relatively large

but at present, cob is also the core content in the construction of safety and health projects in the plastic processing industry. The problem of heat dissipation still needs to be solved. Previously, aluminum substrates were used, and ceramic substrates were used for those with high heat dissipation requirements. However, the cost of ceramic substrate will be higher than that of aluminum substrate, and some processes will be more complex

Q: how is Evergrande's product line distributed and how to establish sales channels

he Daxian: our company has focused on the R & D and production of adhesives and sealants for nearly 20 years, and its products include: silicone series, UV series, epoxy series, anaerobic series...... And other eight series of nearly 1000 models, which are widely used in the photoelectric industry, computer industry, electronic components industry, automobile industry, etc. We provide products for many well-known enterprises, such as BYD, Skyworth, dehuorunda, Guoxing optoelectronics, etc

how to quickly and appropriately provide our customers with appropriate solutions and products is the core of our sales department. Serving customers in the LED industry well is the focus of our follow-up work. In terms of sales arrangement, we are divided into channel department and direct sales department. We rely on many dealers across the country to serve our customers, and provide some customers with fast and appropriate solutions and products through direct sales salesmen

Q: Evergrande is famous for making glue. Will it step into other industries in the future? Is there any current plan in this regard

he Daxian: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, where Evergrande new materials Co., Ltd. is located, is also the forefront of reform and opening up. During the nearly 20 years of our focus on the research and development and production of adhesives and sealants, we have witnessed the prosperity and decline of many industries. We are fully aware that we need to be solid in making glue. Only through years of continuous technological accumulation and innovation according to market demand, can we become an outstanding enterprise in the industry

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