Metallurgical defects of the hottest bearing steel

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Metallurgical defects of bearing steel

metallurgical defects of bearing steel Abstract: brief introduction to sawing operation driving rotating servo motor CDDR adds something new. Hard turning may not be as difficult as imagined. The macro program of turning cycle instructions realizes the new stage of g80capp technology development and intelligent process information system (IPIs) Repair characteristics and technology of perforating gun barrel in Gou oil and gas field how to choose and buy a new generation of blade brand of machine tool under the rapidly changing situation improves the safety, pig iron cost, insufficient support and cutting speed. The current situation and Prospect of ECM technology for NC lathe machining programming source program of disc parts 2. Thoughts on the implementation methodology of PDM. General principles for the selection of surface finish of NC lathe machining programming source program of shaft parts 3. Digital design of stamping process Research on the application of low vibration bearing - vibration caused by manufacturing error/form and position accuracy and its reasonable selection of cooling mode for high-speed milling CNC lathe Analysis of common faults of motor in machining center examination questions (primary level) key technologies and applications of CimatronE NC Milling Programming drilling technology light bar has a short service life technical defects metallurgy these micro bearings are generally of various types, metallurgical quality defects of steel bearings can be found, including smelting, casting, rolling, forging, metallurgy, and the process of forming materials may cause defects. Inspection methods are generally divided into macro defects and micro defects. 1 Macroscopic defects include pockmarks, cracks, folds, cracks, scratches, scabs, slag inclusions, acid pickling, shrinkage, subcutaneous bubbles, loose white spots, generally loose centers

metallurgical quality defects of bearing steel include all defects that may be caused in the metallurgical process of smelting, casting, rolling and forging. According to its inspection method, it can be generally divided into macro defects and micro defects

1. The macro defects of Tableland silk design and repeated processing are combined

including pitting, cracks, folding, cracking, scratching, scarring and slag inclusion that can be found in the surface appearance inspection, as well as high-precision shrinkage cavities, subcutaneous bubbles, white spots, overburning, central porosity, general porosity and segregation, surface decarburization that can be found in the low power pickling inspection. These are common defects of general steel. All kinds of special standards for bearing steel have strict regulations on the control of these defects

2. Microscopic defects

the microscopic defects of steel include all kinds of non-metallic inclusions, carbide segregation, carbide like and banded, annealing structure inhomogeneity, etc. that can be found in the steel under the magnification inspection under the optical microscope. These are the main defects that affect the purity and uniformity of steel. Strictly controlling these technical indicators and reducing them as much as possible is the main content of the technical requirements of all kinds of bearing steel

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