Metal residue detector in the hottest packaged foo

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Metal residue detector in packaged food comes out

International lock inspectionsystems recently developed a new equipment for detecting metal residues in packaged food - met30+ high frequency metal detector

the new food safety regulations force food producers to improve various safety measures to ensure food supply. For conventional metal detectors, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel residues with high purity and high impedance in food are difficult to detect, especially when the food is packaged with aluminum foil. The instrument has high sensitivity to detect this kind of metal residue, and can detect this kind of metal in packaged food, and it is a precursor to others

the newly developed detector is called met30+ high frequency metal detector. It adopts a pure ultra-high frequency, which can effectively detect all kinds of dry foods after packaging, such as metals in biscuits and baked goods, so that there is no need to unpack the products for inspection, thus speeding up the inspection speed, saving time and improving efficiency

met30+ high frequency metal detector introduces the patented ADC software of lock company. All kinds of data signals detected by the metal detector will be on the screen. At this time, the handle of the oil return valve should be opened to show that in improving the good humanized design and making the experimental operation easier, the mechanical properties of the material, any change of the signal can be immediately determined

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