Aftermarket analysis of the hottest paraxylene Mar

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Aftermarket analysis of paraxylene market

positive and negative factors in PX market

1 Positive factors

1 The national textile export tax rebate has been adjusted to 17%

2. High crude oil prices

3. The pressure of collection and payment in the domestic industry has increased. If PTA manufacturers can expect the device to be put into production, the market demand will further expand

from this point of view

4 The introduction of the proposed price of PX contract in Asia in June has a weak pulling effect on the market

5. The release and implementation of the petrochemical industry adjustment and revitalization plan will give a certain boost to the petrochemical industry

6. In the later stage, the high load and high capacity of PTA device will improve the sales market of PX

7. End users have been restraining or delaying the purchase of PX raw materials recently. After a period of inventory reduction, some end users' raw material inventory has been nearly exhausted, and buyers have returned to the spot market

2. Negative factors

1 Recently, many PX devices have been put into operation at home and abroad. Some PX devices that were previously shut down for maintenance have resumed operation, and the shortage of PX supply is gradually alleviated

2. The downstream PTA market continues to decline, and the current market atmosphere is still in a stalemate stage

px aftermarket forecast

the market goal is to set system parameters and basic data required by the system. More attention is paid to the trend of new capacity production and demand performance. Therefore, the late trend of the spot PX market is still facing considerable uncertainty

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