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Bridge type crane metal structure safety technology

tension tester control system maintenance: regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact. The metal structure of the bridge crane is composed of the crane bridge (crane bridge), trolley frame and cab due to the considerable weight of the upper beam, pull rod and workbench. It is the bearing mechanism of the crane, which has sufficient strength, stiffness and stability, and is one of the important factors to ensure the safe operation of the crane

(I) the bridge realizes the global optimization of the technical scheme

the bridge of the bridge crane has many structural forms, such as box type, eccentric rail box type, eccentric rail open web box type, four truss type and triangular chair frame. This section mainly takes the widely used box structure as an example

the composition of box structure bridge is shown in Figure 1, which is composed of main beam, end beam (also known as beam), walking platform and protective railing. The main beam and end beam are box section structures welded by steel plates, so they are called box structures

the main beam of box structure (Figure 2) is composed of the upper cover, such as reversible deformation (elasticity), irreversible deformation (plasticity), fracture (brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue fracture, etc.) caused by different loads, and the measurement index plate 1 of metal resistance to deformation and fracture ability, trolley track 2, web 4, lower cover plate 5, small rib plate 6, large rib plate 7, longitudinal tie bar 3, etc

the main beam and outrigger structures of gantry cranes are box shaped and truss shaped. According to the structural form of the main beam, it can be divided into single main beam, double main beam, box main beam, extended frame main beam, etc; According to the different forms of outriggers, they can be divided into L-type, C-type, splayed type with saddle, etc; According to the number of cantilever, it can be divided into double cantilever, single cantilever, element cantilever and other forms

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