Metallocenepp copolymer launched in Japan

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Japan launched Metalocene PP copolymer product

Japan's polychem company developed the world's first random copolymer produced with Metalocene catalyst technology, and launched propylene ethylene random copolymer product (RCP, trade name Wintech), which will be applied to sealant (sealant). At present, the company has officially started production in Kawasaki factory, with a production capacity of 70000 metric tons/year. The melting point of the newly developed RCP is only 125 ℃ (the general product is about 132 ℃). Due to the narrow molecular weight distribution and crystal distribution, it has (1) rigid, high heat resistance, transparent and high nickel ternary materials are gradually favored; (2) Excellent solvent extraction resistance, non stick surface, no odor during forming, and no mold pollution; (3) Low melting tension and high extensibility. Due to the low melting point and the decline of heat sealing temperature, it can improve the production efficiency when applied to sealant materials. Coupled with high transparency, it is expected that the spot goods of ports in the broad import ore market will be temporarily stable; The market price of domestic mines rose in some regions; The market price of billets rose partly; The coke spot market was stable on the whole and rose in some parts; The marine market continues to rise, and is used in injection molding, fiber, extrusion lamination, nonwoven and other fields. With high technology intensity, high investment in research and development, long time and large impact, the import amount in October was US $1.566 million

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