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Tongliao Yimin, an authorized dealer of mountain machinery, held an opening ceremony. Tongliao Yimin, a traditional labor-intensive manufacturer, held an opening ceremony. On August 16, 2014, Tongliao Yimin, an authorized dealer of caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. mountain machinery brand, opened a grand opening ceremony in Tongliao. With the salute and everyone's cheers, the leaders of Shangong, the general manager of Tongliao Yimin company and customer representatives cut the ribbon for the opening of the new company

Tongliao Yimin opening ceremony, an authorized dealer of mountain machinery, was grandly held. At the celebration luncheon, the participating customers listened carefully to the introduction of caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. and mountain machinery brands. This has played a positive role in the promotion of mountain products in Tongliao market and the development of Yimin's own enterprises. With happy songs, dances and lottery activities, the celebration reached a climax

this opening ceremony not only built a platform for communication between agents and customers, but also maintained a link between customers, companies and agents that affected the smooth function of oil. Let more customers have a new understanding of Shangong's products and services

in 2014, we will work harder to give customers confidence and create brilliance together

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