Merkel's refusal to set a refugee ceiling was fier

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Merkel's refusal to set the refugee limit at the meeting was severely criticized by the participants

[global report, Wang Lilan, if necessary, someone should control the straightening or plug pad in the stretching center to ensure that the stretching scale between the head, middle and tail sections meets the needs of aluminum alloy profiles] France Radio International reported on January 20 that the German Chancellor and Merkel again refused to set the refugee limit when attending the CSU meeting on January 20 local time, As a result, it was severely criticized by more than a dozen members of the meeting. Lawmakers criticized Merkel for her serious dereliction of duty and asked her to change direction quickly. No one stood up to support Merkel at the meeting

according to Germany's Frankfurter Zeitung, the CDU's president must strengthen it. When Merkel attended the meeting of the sister party CDU on the 20th, she again refused to set the refugee ceiling, and was immediately attacked by more than a dozen members of the meeting. Pakistan's finance minister SAUDA is also one of Merkel's critics. After the meeting, soda told Merkel that the current situation was out of control and opening the door was a "serious mistake"

the report pointed out that the CSU requested to set a ceiling of 200000 refugees per year, which was rejected by Merkel. However, there are more and more voices against Merkel in the CDU/CSU coalition. On the 19th, 44 members of Congress of the coalition party jointly sent a petition to Merkel, requesting Merkel to modify the refugee policy and set a refugee ceiling. But silent environmental conditions: Kerr once again gave them a basin of cold water

and there are more and more opponents of Merkel. The latest public opinion survey shows that the popularity rate of people who agree with Merkel continues to decline significantly

it was reported that the refugee ceiling set by Austria on the 20th was criticized by Merkel, but Merkel's critics welcomed it. German weekly Der Spiegel said that Merkel's critics celebrated Austria as an example. Now, coalition politicians will continue to press Merkel to change her refugee policy

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