Metal can design in the hottest packaging industry

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Safety belt is one of the indispensable parts in the automobile. 1

the design of "metal cans" in the packaging industry presents a "new fashion"

in the packaging industry with increasing market demand, the design of metal cans is diverse, which requires packaging designers to constantly innovate to meet the different needs of consumers

in the past, metal cans were usually printed only on the can body, but now color printing is also started at the end of the can. Now a necking can appears on the market, which uses a striking black easy to open cover. Moreover, food and beverage is not the only market for printed metal cans. At present, it is increasingly used in the packaging of building materials such as decorative paint and other products

there are also some new technological achievements in metal cans, which have greatly expanded the uses and functions of metal cans. For example, a new ink can change color with the change of temperature. In the past, this kind of oil friction surface should be absolutely clean. The ink is only used on the external label of cans, but now the thermometer can be directly printed on metal cans

making holographic trademarks on metal cans is also a development trend. At present, in Australia, 1. High degree of automation: the experimental machine operates automatically according to the set experimental scheme. Holographic trademarks have been made on aluminum beer cans in Asian and other countries. Relevant experts believe that etching holographic trademarks directly on steel plates will be popular all over the world in the future without integrating the revolutionary new DNA amp midsole technology into life for a long time

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