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The overseas tractor market has added a new force. LOVOL H Series tractors have been launched recently.

the overseas tractor market has added a new force. LOVOL H Series tractors have been launched recently

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at present, Chile is in the ploughing season. With the roaring sound of tractors and the dust raised, two blue Lovol h754 tractors are ploughing back and forth in the fields. Lovol h754 tractor was introduced to the global market in early August this year. With its novel appearance and strong power, it has received the attention and recognition of new and old customers once it was launched

user shirphyler said, "Lovol h754 tractor has beautiful appearance, strong horsepower and large traction. It can be equipped with large plows, harrows, seeders, trailers and other machines and tools for operation; the synchronizer is easy to shift and operate, shortens the shift time, improves operation efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and works very efficiently, which meets my expectations."

it is understood that this product is developed by Lovol heavy industries after two years of honing, selecting typical working conditions in 14 countries around the world to fully test, verify and improve the performance and adaptability of the product. The newly designed Lovol h754 multi-function tractor is an introduction to the advantages of the rubber fatigue testing machine and the operation steps of the equipment. It inherits the family genetic characteristics of Lovol brand and is equipped with a stronger bottom plate and a 12+12 synchronizer shuttle shift gearbox, which makes the operation smoother and brings stronger durability and reliability; Beautiful appearance, and equipped with shock absorption and noise reduction system to make driving more comfortable and quiet; The optimized control platform, flat floor and luxurious wide seats with up and down front and back adjustment greatly improve the comfort of driving and handling. In addition, the new model is equipped with a new four cylinder supercharged diesel engine with high torque without affecting the experimental results, which has lower fuel consumption and stronger power; At the same time, a two-stage air filtration system and a large cooling system are adopted, which effectively prolongs the service life of the engine according to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics

this "distracted design" is the result of Lovol heavy industry team's customer focus. Over the years, technicians have closely followed the market demand, guided by the market and user needs, subdivided user operation conditions, and deeply explored user needs. During each business trip and overseas service, the staff will collect and record key data at any time to provide a detailed basis for product research and development and commercial reform, so as to avoid making things behind closed doors and make the products more "grounded". And it is this kind of design thinking that has become a magic weapon for Lovol heavy industry products to become popular in the overseas market

in recent years, in order to better serve global users, Lovol heavy industry closely follows the global agricultural development trend, continuously improves the tractor manufacturing level by improving technical standards, and continues to lead the leapfrog upgrading of the industry in the field of independent research and development of core technologies such as tractor synchronizer and power shift. At the same time, Lovol heavy industry has further cultivated the market segment, and developed diversified special operation models for gardens, lawns, sugarcane orchards, vineyards, potatoes, paddy fields, cotton fields, animal husbandry, snow removal, municipal administration, etc. the special plan points out that the sales volume of used tractors has achieved breakthrough growth, meeting the personalized needs of users

in the future, Lovol heavy industries will also adhere to the customer-centered principle, continue to innovate and develop product series that meet the needs of users, and promote "made in China" to the high end with reliable products and services

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