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According to the "supply and demand model" of qunxi consulting, the supply-demand ratio of the global LCD TV panel Market in the fourth quarter was 7.3%, with excess supply and demand. The panel continued to improve the industrial batch production management system, and the price turned downward again. In October, the weakening demand for overseas goods preparation led to a significant drop in the demand for small sizes, and the prices of some sizes began to decline, with a significant decline in the prices of small sizes. In November, the domestic and foreign demand for goods preparation will weaken, driving the LCD TV panel price to be comprehensively adjusted downward. The analysis of price performance of each size is as follows:

1.32 ". The demand fell significantly in October, and the decline was obvious due to the influence of price reduction sales by channels. It is expected that the price decline in November will return to $2

2.39.5 "~ 43", October 40 "slightly decreased by $1 to strengthen on-site control, and the decline is expected to expand slightly to $2 in November. 43 "demand remained strong, prices remained stable in October and began to decline slightly in November

3.49 "~ 50", the price remained stable in October, and fell slightly by $2 in November

4.55 ", the price of zigzag experimental machine decreased slightly by $1 in October, and it is expected that the price will maintain a slight downward trend in November

5. In terms of large size, panel supply continues to increase, and the price of "65" is expected to maintain a decrease of about $3 in October and November

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