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Ovum: ZTE optical network ranks first in the Asia Pacific with 28% market share

according to the latest market report of optical network products released by ovum, an internationally renowned consulting organization, thanks to the large-scale deployment of optical networks in the Asia Pacific region and the recognition of global operators, ZTE optical network products ranked first in the Asia Pacific with 28% market share in 2014. In the global field, ZTE optical network products continue to maintain a strong growth trend, with a market share of 14%

according to ZTE statistics, in 2014, the annual shipment of ZTE 100g Wavelength Division products exceeded that of wanduan products after their successful launch. So far, there are more than 150 100g commercial projects with a total length of more than 100000 kilometers, which are widely used in many first-class operators in Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America, including TMA in Austria, Telefonica in Peru, Telkom in Indonesia, PCCW in Hong Kong, China Mobile, Chinatelecom and China Unicom, and China Education and Research (CERNET), serving core businesses such as 4G wireless network, wired broadband and data center, Provide ultra wide bandwidth transmission platform and advanced ultra-high speed solutions

ZTE has a considerable leading edge in OTN, especially 100g SABIC, which has always been committed to turning challenges into opportunities, and has won industry awards for many times. In 2012, ZTE adopted the Wason (WDM automatic switch optical network) intelligent OTN network solution to deploy the Wason national trunk commercial network for T-Mobile Austria, which won the new award of backbone optical network innovation report issued by GTB global communications business; In 2013, ZTE 100g products won the best 100g optical networking product award at the 15th Annual WDM next generation optical networking forum held in Monaco

in the field of 400g/1t and other ultra-100g transmission technology, ZTE also continues to create new records. In November 2014, ZTE announced that it had set a world record of 3500km transmission with only EDFA under the condition of full C-band full configuration of 161tbps signal; In March, 2014, ZTE successfully realized the transmission of 3600 km long-distance single-mode optical fiber by using its patented technology, setting a world record in the field of high-speed transmission in which 400g1 pressure rollers exert pressure on the tow; In October, 2013, ZTE and Chinatelecom jointly completed the experiment of T-bit ultra long-distance optical transmission real-time system, creating a world record of 3200 kilometers of real-time transmission. It is the real-time optical transmission system with the longest transmission distance and the highest speed at present

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