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Overview of the future development of the printing industry refers to "digital printing"

several leading printing enterprises have reached the national leading level or have a national scale in terms of output and printing technology, but some private printing enterprises are complaining. This is a strange phenomenon in the development of printing industry in Jiangmen City: the dragon head is large, raised high, and the dragon body and tail are too thin. At the same time, the annual output value of Jiangmen printing industry has exceeded 10.5 billion yuan, and as of 2011, the total output value of printing enterprises above designated size has still increased. Relevant analysts said that the development of Jiangmen printing industry has entered a painful period of transformation and upgrading, and the overall situation is improving, but the whole market is reshuffling

[current situation]

the printing industry has become the largest cultural industry

the printing industry has a good development foundation in Jiangmen City. On June 28, at the printing industry development summit forum in coastal areas, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and information technology introduced the development achievements of Jiangmen's printing industry to the guests, saying that Jiangmen has 1230 printing enterprises of all kinds (excluding copying, photocopying, printing and other three printing enterprises), including 18 publication printing enterprises, 753 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, 459 other printing enterprises, with more than 55000 employees, The annual output value exceeds 10.5 billion yuan

this group of data shows that the printing industry has become the largest cultural industry in Jiangmen City, and the total scale of Jiangmen's printing industry ranks first in the province. What is the development path of such a huge industry

it is understood that, unlike the traditional printing industry, which relies on the development of urban industry and manufacturing industry to obtain power, the printing industry is more constantly introducing giant enterprises, gradually forming a agglomeration effect, and taking an export-oriented development path. In Jiangmen, foreign-funded printing enterprises and large-scale printing enterprises are free, flexible and open in mechanism, which has created an all-round and comprehensive leading advantage in capital, talent, market and concept of Jiangmen printing industry

driven and demonstrated by Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., Hongxing printing (Heshan) Co., Ltd. and other large-scale foreign-funded printing enterprises with sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, the printing industry in Jiangmen has developed rapidly, especially the output, output value, export volume and printing technology level of Heshan printing enterprises have ranked the leading position in county-level cities nationwide, forming a large industrial cluster. In 2006, Heshan City was also rated as China's printing industry base


most enterprises feel pain

under such a good prospect of the industry, what is the development of the printing industry? What difficulties are we facing? From 2011 to now, 16 printing enterprises in Jiangmen have changed their legal persons. Chenbaoxia, executive vice president and Secretary General of the municipal printing industry chamber of Commerce and the municipal publication distribution industry association, explained that there are several cases of this change, including mutual transfer between relatives and the inability of enterprises to survive. Most of these changed enterprises are packaging and decoration enterprises

in the interview, the heads of several printing enterprises said that it was too difficult to do this industry now, and they didn't want to talk about it. And Chen Baoxia's words give the answer: many enterprises have entered a dilemma. If they change (improve equipment, transformation and upgrading), they have no money; If you don't change it, there will be no order. Chenbaoxia said that the first difficulty faced by printing enterprises is the difficulty of financing. Printing equipment has large capital investment and slow output. It costs millions or tens of millions of yuan to buy a machine, and it takes many years to recover the cost. However, domestic banks did not lend before, and now they do not lend much. For example, they only lend 2million yuan to 8million yuan of printing equipment, so now many enterprises go to Hong Kong to raise funds. She said

at the same time, the irregular competition in order to receive orders is extremely fierce within the printing industry. When the economic environment is bad and orders are small, many enterprises will lower the price competition. If you don't do it, I'll do it; If you press down a little, I'll be lower. Even if I don't want profits, as long as I have money to pay workers. Chen Baoxia said that because there was no money to buy new equipment and the printing quality was too poor, many companies could not receive orders

Chen Baoxia's view was confirmed by Huang Jianquan, general manager of Jiangmen Xingyi Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingyi printing). Huang Jianquan told that after the financial crisis and the European debt crisis, the order volume of the ink industry related to the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta fell sharply, which had a direct impact on the downstream printing enterprises. Many printing enterprises could not receive orders because of poor equipment and quality

speaking of the development of Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., Huang Jianquan said humorously that the scene of the printing industry is very special. There is a feeling that Yao Ming is playing basketball with us. Now the printing equipment is purchased in a complete set, which requires a lot of funds, and many enterprises are unable to update; At the same time, a large number of high-end packaging orders in Jiangmen have been received by enterprises in other regions, because our equipment is inferior to others. Huang Jianquan said that in the future, the printing industry in Jiangmen City will have a large integration with the characteristics of stepper motors, which have only periodic errors but no accumulated errors. Now this industry is in the throes of the early stage of integration. He estimated that 50% of printing enterprises would withdraw from the market within two years before the experiment


Xingyi printing update

how should Jiangmen printing enterprises deal with the above problems? Xingyi printing provides a sample. In the interview, we learned that Xingyi printing was founded in 1992. In the process of the development of the printing industry, it was the first to land and spend a lot of money on new equipment and technology. In 2009, it completely bid farewell to the era of traditional film printing, became the first practitioner of digital printing and green printing, and was the first private enterprise in western Guangdong to realize digital printing

in the production workshop of Xingyi printing, we can see that the production of the company has been automated, and most employees rely on advanced machines and computers for operation. For example, they introduced a brand of CTP digital direct plate making machine, which converts graphics into digital information flow through computer, and then converts graphics into graphics through CTP laser technology to directly image on the printing plate to complete the plate making process. In this way, it is helpful to further improve the visual clarity of the printed image

Huang Jianquan told that his company started to introduce new equipment in 2005 and has invested nearly 50million yuan to eliminate all the old printing equipment. In addition, the company also sent employees to new equipment providers for professional training

in the past, the printing industry used to adopt the traditional way, relying on experience. Now the technology is developed. If you want to serve medium and high-end customers, you must pursue quality. Huang Jianquan said that the upgrading of equipment in recent years has reduced the cost of his company. In recent years, the output value of the company has increased slightly, and this increase has a lot to do with the replacement of new equipment. He optimistically estimated that the annual output value of his company now reached about 60million yuan, and it may exceed 100 million yuan in less than two years


Shenzhen printing industry

rely on science and technology to become bigger and stronger

in addition to the local practices of Jiangmen City, how do other regions revitalize the printing industry? In the interview, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and information technology and Huang Jianquan all praised the printing industry in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places, believing that the printing industry in these areas has developed to a certain extent. This is indeed the case. According to relevant reports, by the end of 2010, Shenzhen had 2467 printing enterprises, 200000 employees, and a total output value of 33.6 billion yuan. It is one of the largest printing industry bases in China

How can the printing industry in Shenzhen develop rapidly? According to the analysis of relevant people, the reason is very simple. On the one hand, Shenzhen's printing industry introduces the advanced management experience and technology of foreign-funded enterprises, and on the other hand, takes advantage of local talent advantages to develop the printing industry. No matter domestic funded enterprises, joint ventures or foreign-funded printing enterprises, after landing in Shenzhen, they always adhere to relying on advanced technology to become bigger and stronger

in order to support the development of the printing industry, relevant departments in Shenzhen listed printing enterprises as one of the six advantageous industries, encouraged enterprises to carry out technological transformation and technological innovation, expand production scale, promote the use of international advanced technology, promote the development of the industry towards multi-color, high-speed, digital and personalized printing, and improve the ability to participate in the competition in the international printing market

the Shenzhen printing industry investment guide also clearly points out that the direction of printing industry investment encouraged and supported by Shenzhen is to transform with high and new technology, control the consumption of energy and water resources and environmental pollution emissions, improve the comprehensive strength of technology, management and quality, and realize the development of printing industry

now, the three giants of the international printing equipment industry, Heidelberg, gaobao and Manroland Qiqi, have settled in Shenzhen International Creative Printing Culture Industrial Park, successively driving more than 20 printing and design enterprises, more than 40 industry associations and related groups to land in the industrial park. In one year, the first phase of the industrial park has formed an output value of more than 2 billion yuan. After the completion of phase II, an industry cluster with an output value of 10 billion will be formed


moving forward to digital printing

from the experience of Shenzhen, it can be seen that Jiangmen printing industry must take the road of high-tech development in order to overcome the difficulties of today's development. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and information technology also believes that people's requirements for printed matter have changed greatly at present. In the future, personalized printing and characteristic printing will gradually become the mainstream of the printing industry. What can meet these needs is digital printing. Therefore, the future development direction of Jiangmen printing industry should be digital printing

internationally, digital printing has become the mainstream of the development of printing technology by virtue of its fast printing speed, variable information and layout, simplified process, saving a lot of consumables costs, and realizing the recycling of resources. In Jiangmen City, some qualified printing enterprises have also taken positive actions to purchase digital printing machines as a new economic growth point of enterprises and make up for the shortcomings of traditional printing, which has increased the competitiveness of enterprises, such as Xingyi printing mentioned above

it is understood that with the rise of digital printing, the state, provinces and cities have successively issued relevant policies to support it. Jiangmen City plans to set up green printing and digital printing technology demonstration sites through implementation; Invite experts to carry out consultation, training and guidance on green printing and digital printing technology; Organize qualified enterprises to go out to study and inspect green printing and digital printing technology and equipment; Provide discount support to enterprises that purchase green printing or digital printing equipment, promote the printing industry to keep up with the trend, actively upgrade and upgrade, and better promote and develop digital printing in the whole city

we are mainly to guide and encourage enterprises to upgrade. Through various forms, we will let the medium and high-end service objects of the printing industry know what the printing level of Jiangmen is now, so that they can hand over orders to local printing enterprises. Jiangmen should also actively establish the brand of printing enterprises, give play to the brand effect, and enhance the popularity of enterprises in the mainland. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and information said

Guo Guangkai, vice president and Secretary General of Pengjiang district printing industry chamber of Commerce, said that printing enterprises should be good, combined with some examples of good development of small-scale printing enterprises

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