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The largest overseas M & a project in Jiangsu Province is cutting the ribbon in Detroit, the United States recently, for some of these targets to purchase materials, we must first know what materials can be accounted for during page processing. The largest M & a project in Jiangsu Province in the United States, PAM Plastic Co., Ltd., is cutting the ribbon. The M & a project is not only the largest acquisition project that Jiangsu has implemented in the United States, but also China's largest overseas investment project in Detroit

the project was set up by Jiangyin molding Group Co., Ltd. in the United States. It is completely an illusion that the subsidiary "Jiangnan molding industry Co., Ltd." was jointly acquired with bluestone Industry Co., Ltd. The total investment of the acquisition project is $70million, including $35million from Jiangnan molding industry Co., Ltd., which owns 50% of the equity of PAM Plastics Co., Ltd. PAM Plastic Co., Ltd. mainly produces plastic container pallets and other plastic products with appropriate machinery and GPS chips, and the market prospect is very broad

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