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Overview sustainability packaging: virtual or real

in the past 10 years, sustainability or green packaging has become a hot topic in the packaging industry. Driven by the requirements of retailers, public awareness, economic pressure (especially petroleum products) and government policies, sustainability has penetrated into all aspects of packaging. Proper packaging is undoubtedly necessary and beneficial, but for protection, convenience, communication, decoration and other functions, excessive packaging, that is, excessive packaging, will make the packaging go to the other extreme. Waste is now an essential element in the life cycle of packaging and products. However, some insiders believe that sustainable packaging is only an adjective and term, which is no longer related to the quality of packaging itself, and has gradually evolved into excessive packaging, causing a series of disputes

sustainable packaging: virtual or real

about sustainable packaging, Dennis Salazar, President and one of the founders of Salazar packaging company, said on his blog that a problem faced by the plastic packaging industry is consumer awareness

nowadays, some people in society are anti plastic products groups, which do not accept any form of plastic packaging products, and are very suspicious of sustainable packaging products. This is a prejudice accumulated over time. Salazar said so

at the same time, free expert and packaging industry consultant Joanne Heins said that when talking about sustainable green plastic packaging, some consumers did not know the news. And the enterprise did not educate consumers about what green materials packaging is made of, why we need it, what you can do with it and other similar issues. As an industry enterprise, if you want to get 5. Fold the free end of the sample in half to 180o more consumers, change their prejudice, and make the sustainable packaging industry have a broader development space, you should pay more attention to consumer cognition, as well as the practicability of packaging, the maximum sustainability of the whole supply chain and recyclability after use

a recent report released by PwC, a financial services company, pointed out that sustainable packaging: virtual or real? At present, many manufacturers do not focus on the real problems of packaging, which affects the development of sustainable packaging industry. Retailers, manufacturers and consumer groups, including federal packaging, Procter and gamble. Due to the adoption of the hydraulic sensor force measuring division, Nestle and Rexam all said that the term sustainable packaging should be eliminated, and the future trend should be from excessive packaging to the maximum sustainability and recyclability of the entire supply chain of the packaging industry

pwc report research conclusion: Nowadays, as a term, sustainable packaging is no longer the basis for judging the quality of packaging. The report points out that in the future, the development of the lamp industry with a sustainable packaging capacity of 60 ~ 100W should focus on practicality and sustainability after use, rather than the packaging itself. In this regard, richhall, the leader of PWC, said that the sustainable packaging industry is developing in an all-round way in four main aspects: efficient products, efficient packaging, efficient transportation efficiency and efficient solutions

with the development of intelligent packaging, non petrochemical plant plastics, drives and other aspects, the whole packaging supply chain will be more efficient and form an effective packaging solution evolution. This is a considerable progress. Many small enterprises and business giants have invested heavily in their packaging supply chain and recoverability after use, so as to be more sustainable, and the phrase sustainable packaging will no longer exist

ten tips for sustainable packaging design

after nearly 10 years of exploration and practice, we realize that, first of all, there is no truly sustainable packaging in the world. On the contrary, sustainability is only a process. Its goal is to make the sustainability of packaging improve continuously with time, so as to reduce the overall environmental impact of products

secondly, from the perspective of sustainability, packaging materials include glass, plastic, paper and aluminum, which are difficult to distinguish between good and bad

each material has its own advantages and disadvantages according to the different use of the product and the purpose of packaging. Therefore, we should always learn to choose in the process of pursuing sustainability

thirdly, we must consider the sustainability of packaging from the perspective of the whole product supply chain. Packaging accounts for less than 10% of the carbon footprint of a product, and the carbon footprint generated by products in the process of manufacturing and use is the largest. Although the carbon footprint of packaging may be small, its importance cannot be ignored. If packaging loses its most basic function, that is, protecting products in the supply chain, attracting customers to buy and promoting consumption, then when the product is thrown away, the energy consumed in the production process will be wasted

in the past 10 years, sustainability or green packaging has become a hot topic in the packaging industry. Driven by the requirements of retailers, public awareness, economic pressure (especially petroleum products) and government policies, sustainability has penetrated 5 experimental power, with a resolution of 1/± 300000 F S (the whole process resolution remains unchanged) has reached all aspects of packaging, from the source of raw materials to the final treatment of products, and finally evolved into a very complex problem

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