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Yueyang forest paper: the controlling shareholder pledged 70million shares

release date: Source: hardness: daily economy

Yueyang forest paper announced on January 3 that the company's controlling shareholder taigreenpaper pledged 70million shares on December 29, 2020, accounting for about 13.82% of its shares. The controlling shareholder of the company, taigelin Paper Group Co., Ltd., holds about 506million shares of the company, accounting for 28.06% of the total share capital of the company. The accumulated pledge amount of the company's shares is 195. The 93 chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coiled material made in foreign countries also has more than 100 million missing shares with built-in 24-level filters, accounting for 38.51% of the total shares of the company it holds

2020 semi annual report shows that the main businesses of Yueyang forest paper are paper industry, municipal gardens, forestry, chemical industry and real estate, accounting for 72.13%, 13.21%, 4.12%, 3.53% and 3.07% of the revenue respectively

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