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Decryption of the birth of Kodak pump, the core power of the largest hydraulic pile driver of the super project Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

the world-class project Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge was successfully opened to traffic, with a total length of 55 kilometers and a design service life of more than 120 years. Every link of engineering design and manufacturing must exceed this requirement

the world-class Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has been successfully opened to traffic, with a total length of 55 kilometers and a design service life of more than 120 years. Every link of engineering design and manufacturing must exceed this requirement

there are tens of thousands of huge steel piles supporting the whole bridge. It is much more difficult to pile at sea than on land, especially the steel pile construction of the main span sail bridge. The diameter of steel piles here is 2.5m, the weight is 120 tons, the length of each pile is 67 meters, the height of the building is more than 20 floors, and the operation time of a single pile is not more than one hour. As it is the main passage for Chinese white dolphins to inhabit and migrate, it has strict requirements on vibration, noise and pollution

five months before the start of the pile foundation project, the construction department deployed the innovation system, technical equipment system, supply and demand docking system, standard system, statistical system, technical maturity evaluation system and other key work. The hydraulic pile driver rented from the UK for thousands of miles was unable to drive down the huge pile due to lack of power. It urgently contacted the German enterprise and was told that it would take at least 8 months to customize the non-standard large displacement high-speed pump, It will be more than a month before the project is delivered, and it is less than 4 months before the project officially starts. Pang, general manager of Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic company, who undertook the development of this 535kj large-scale hydraulic pile hammer, is very worried about this. Based on the good cooperation with Keda hydraulic in the early stage and the photoelectric displacement sensor, it is often used for continuous measurement of wire diameter or as an edge position sensor in the strip edge position control system. Keda high-end pump is widely used in the ceramic industry, General manager Pang led technical director Feng and his delegation to Foshan Keda hydraulic to visit general manager Yang Jun, hoping that Keda hydraulic could provide a new product for the largest offshore pile driver in Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao within four months. The specific requirements are:

constant power variable piston pump with a displacement of 835ml/R, a maximum speed of 2300 R/min and a pressure of 35MPa. Because it is installed on the ship, the space is limited, It can only be directly driven by a 1200p high-power diesel engine. This requirement is equivalent to reaching the outlet pressure of 0 pressure 1600 l hydraulic oil pump to 350 kg in one minute. In response to this technical requirement put forward by the customer, it is inquired that among all the hydraulic pumps in the world today, there is no variable piston pump that can achieve high pressure and large displacement at such a high speed. It is the most difficult to develop this product in the world

the urgent needs of customers must not delay the development of major national projects. Kodak hydraulic has won this project. This confidence comes from the accumulation of Kodak hydraulic leader's 25 years of focus on the application, maintenance and development of high-end heavy-duty pumps. President Yang immediately convened the heads of technology, process, production and other departments to discuss technical solutions for many days and nights. Finally, it was decided to make an innovative proposal on the basis of the original Kodak mature product kd-a4vso355lr2:

1 Turbocharging is built in the oil suction chamber of highly reliable Koda heavy duty pump to achieve high speed

2. Two sets of single pumps are connected in series and 125 gear pumps are added to reach the rated displacement of 835ml/r to ensure high-pressure operation with large displacement at high speed

after the general direction is determined, specific problems will follow. There are no new solutions for the torque transmission of the full through shaft high-speed tandem pump (the main shaft is redesigned and manufactured), bearing bearing load and life (the bearing with greater bearing capacity is selected), oil suction turbine design and manufacture, new high-speed oil distribution tray design and manufacture, built-in oil suction channel structure and new shell assembly design and casting, etc. These are neither existing products nor ready-made data, It needs independent and innovative design and manufacturing, and can only rely on itself

after one month's overtime design, calculation, modeling and simulation, all the previous shortcomings were made up, and the design scheme was finally put forward on time. Among all parts, alloy steel parts can be processed and inspected in Kodak hydraulic's own factory with an accuracy of 3 microns (0.003 mm). The time is controllable. The built-in booster turbine and booster pump base are involved in open die casting and mold modification. The fastest time is more than 50 days. In addition, the processing and testing time is at least one month, so the time is very urgent. In order to seize time, President Yang personally took technicians and drawings to the foundry site for communication and coordination, quickly came up with a plan, and finally got the castings seven days in advance, so as to win more valuable time for subsequent processing and manufacturing, various tests and factory bench tests

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