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Yesterday, it was learned from Xi'an supermade Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated to the Fourth Academy of Astronautics that the new carbon/carbon heat field products for polysilicon hydrogenation furnace independently developed by the company have broken the foreign technical barriers and market monopoly, and are much better than similar foreign products in terms of reliability, stability, energy saving and consumption reduction. The product has passed the achievement appraisal organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology, and has obtained 33 national authorized patents. At present, new products of carbon/carbon thermal field have been successfully applied in 16 polysilicon enterprises in China, and the domestic market share ranks first. Even in this year when the photovoltaic industry is very difficult, the demand continues to grow

Pengzhigang, deputy chief engineer of supermade technology company, told us that carbon/carbon thermal field is a high-performance high-temperature resistant special material, which is the core component and main consumables of polysilicon hydrogenation furnace. Product performance and structure directly affect the conversion efficiency and continuous operation cycle of hydrogenation furnace. At present, most domestic and foreign polysilicon production enterprises use carbon/carbon composite thermal field. Relying on the technical advantages of China aerospace composite materials, super code developed and produced the first set of carbon/carbon thermal field material test products for hydrogenation furnace in China as early as november2005, initially solving the problem of localization and substitution, breaking the long-term dependence on imports of carbon/carbon thermal field material products for polysilicon hydrogenation furnace

since then, it can be comparable with a 1600t shuttle double station press in bentler Sigri's R & D center in ried im innkreis. Aiming at the shortcomings of similar foreign products, the company has put forward a complete set of thermal field system solutions, and made up for the defects of foreign products by designing carbon/carbon thermal field material products of various models of hydrogenation furnace. For example, the stainless steel material is changed into composite material, which improves the energy-saving effect and eliminates the burn through fault; The assembly structure is changed to the overall design, which improves the operation reliability; The problems of pulverization, deformation, fragmentation and delamination were improved to ensure the long-term stable operation of hydrogenation process. While ensuring the improvement of material quality and hydrogenation conversion rate, the average service life of similar foreign products was extended from 6 months to 11 months, effectively reducing the production cost of polysilicon

the appraisal committee with sunjinliang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, as the chairman, believes that the carbon/carbon thermal field for the new hydrogenation furnace not only has the characteristics of light weight, high temperature resistance and high purity of traditional graphite products, but also has good overall structure and thermal shock resistance, uniform resistance, strong scouring resistance and long continuous operation time, which can reduce the times of furnace loading and maintenance, and has remarkable effects in material consumption, energy conservation and consumption reduction, Performance beyond it is set optics Microelectronics The computer technology is superior to the high-tech products of the same kind at home and abroad

it is understood that the carbon/carbon heat field products for the final choice load sensor furnace of Xi'an supermade Technology Co., Ltd. were mass produced in 2007, and currently the domestic market share is firmly the first. The company has become a carbon/carbon thermal field material supplier with the largest output and the strongest technical strength in the polysilicon production field. Its sales revenue has doubled, reaching 57.06 million yuan in 2010, and is expected to exceed 100million yuan this year

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