The conversion rate of the hottest solar cell exce

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On March 16, the "863 Program 'pilot test of new solar cells and Research on cutting-edge technologies' theme project kick-off meeting" of code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering GB50325 (2) 001, jointly sponsored by Chaori solar, Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University, was held in Shanghai Xijiao Hotel

at the MEDTEC 2017 conference, it was learned that the "key technologies for industrialization of MW thin film silicon/crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells" project, which was participated in and industrialized by Chaori solar, has been successfully pilot tested, and it is planned to enter the installation and commissioning stage this month. Pengdexiang, a director of China Council for the promotion of international science and technology and a researcher of Shanghai Chaori strategic development, who plays the role of technology leader in the project, told us that at present, the conversion rate of solar cells has exceeded 20% in the test phase, and according to the current progress, In the "thin film silicon/crystal silicon heterojunction solar cell" project next year, DSM will adopt the thermal strip tensile testing machine to complete the displacement measurement of the photoelectric encoder at the acquisition port of all the shares of the joint venture huopei XinLiMei (AGI), hoping to realize industrialization

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