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Which is better, Hongmi redmi x55 TV or glory smart screen X1? What's the difference

Hongmi redmi x55 TV and glory smart screen, but there is no fixed functional relationship between them. X1 these two TVs are competitors, and the level is the same. So which is better, Hongmi redmi x55 TV and glory smart screen X1? What's the difference? Let's take a detailed look at the differences and purchase suggestions for friends in need

I. which is the difference between redmi x55 TV and glory smart screen X1

the main differences between redmi x55 TV and glory smart screen X1 are in appearance, startup advertising, performance configuration, and price. The detailed differences are as follows:

1. Appearance: redmi x55 TV appearance material has a low experimental speed, using metal frame + metal tripod, while glory smart screen X1 appearance material uses plastic frame + metal tripod, compared with, The appearance and material of redmi x55 TV are better and more durable

2. Of course, the title of startup is like this. In terms of advertising: glory smart screen X1 is powered on without advertising, and redmi x55 is powered on with advertising, but it is said that you can choose to jump out of advertising

3. Performance configuration: the hardware parameters are basically the same. This time, the red rice processing chip and the glory 818 have the same architecture and performance. Both have MEMC motion compensation, both have high color gamut, and the image quality is basically the same

4. Price: the daily price of redmi x55 TV is ¥ 2799.00, and the daily price of glory smart screen X1 is ¥ 2699.00

5. How about the image quality of redmi x55 TV regular users

6. commented on glory smart screen x1. Do you see the usual operation card

II. Suggestions on the purchase of redmi x55 TV and glory smart screen X1:

in general, the performance and image quality of these two TVs are equal, mainly depending on the appearance, material and startup advertising. If you want to be more durable, it is more worthwhile to start with this redmi x55 TV. If you want to start without advertising, and don't like the advertising that usually starts is an important new coating technology, Then this glorious smart screen X1 is more worth starting with. (view user comments)

III. summary:

compared with Hongmi redmi x55 TV and glory smart screen x1, there are some differences in the advertising, appearance, material and price of the boot. Which one to choose is more like the brand and appearance? It's OK to choose from the budget

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