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Looking back on the past and looking into the future: where will China's analytical and testing instrument industry go

as one of the embodiment of a country's comprehensive scientific and technological strength, the high-end market of China's analytical and testing instrument industry has been monopolized by foreign capital, and the market share of domestic analytical and testing instruments is low. In the future, there is a lot of room for the import of high-end instruments. FL hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending and shearing of metal materials; It can complete experiments such as constant rate loading, constant rate deformation and constant rate displacement. Some people in the industry even said that mergers and acquisitions in the analytical and testing instrument industry will become a trend in the future. Then, under such a market environment, what happened to China's analytical and testing instrument industry in the past 2017? What will happen in 2018

market review of China's analytical and testing instrument industry in recent years

according to statistics, China's inspection and testing service industry has now covered various fields of the national economy, such as construction engineering, environmental protection, health, agriculture, quality inspection, food, drugs, machinery, electronics, light industry, textiles, aviation, national defense and so on. In recent years, as the country vigorously promotes marketization in the inspection and testing service industry, it also drives the market vitality of the relevant analysis and testing instrument industry

the detection instrument is equivalent to the hidden military industry. Its innovation, manufacturing and application level all reflect the scientific and industrial level of a country. The detection instrument involves many fields such as medical treatment, environmental protection, food safety and so on. For a long time, imported testing instruments have occupied the main market in China, distributed in national, provincial and municipal laboratories, as well as universities and related enterprises

at present, domestic instrument enterprises are basically composed of three teams: R & D, sales and after-sales. For enterprises with better development, R & D investment is between 6% and 7% of their annual output value. The industry believes that the current situation of domestic testing instruments is embarrassing due to low-grade homogeneous competition, the "crowding out" of bidding and tendering, and the constraints of foreign hidden technical barriers. In addition, due to the imperfect evaluation system of domestic instruments, foreign purchasers' chambers of Commerce require the equipment to pass the evaluation of foreign designated institutions or designate foreign products, which makes it difficult for domestic instruments to go out

prospects for the development of analytical and testing instrument industry in the next few years

the inspection and testing industry began with industrialization. Since mankind entered the industrial era, the global inspection and testing industry has developed as an independent industry. At present, with the rapid development of the national economy, the continuous strengthening of scientific research, the continuous improvement of people's living standards and China's accession to the WTO, many domestic industries are gradually in line with international standards. With the attention paid to the quality analysis of industrial products, the on-site rapid detection of food safety and environmental toxic and harmful pollutants, and life science, it can be predicted that the domestic demand for analytical instruments will continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend in the next five years

in the past decade, the gap between domestic testing instruments and foreign products has been narrowing in price, quality and performance. Insiders and experts suggest that more measures should be taken to improve the competitiveness of the industry's overall samples in the same experiment, and continue to shorten the gap between China's instrument technology and foreign advanced technology. In addition, because there are many kinds of analytical and testing instruments, many small and medium-sized enterprises and fierce market competition, it is necessary to establish a modern analytical and testing instrument, application technology and complete set of technology base in China, which will greatly promote the all-round development of China's analytical and testing instrument industry and catch up with and reach the world's advanced level as soon as possible

the gap between China and developed countries in scientific and technological economic strength is mainly reflected in innovation ability. To improve innovation ability, we must consolidate the material and technological foundation of independent innovation and speed up the construction of an innovation foundation platform led by national laboratories. At present, China's scientific and technological innovation has entered a new stage of focusing on tracking and turning to the coexistence of tracking, parallel and leading. It is urgent to take national goals and strategic needs as the guidance, aim at the international scientific and technological frontier, arrange a number of larger, interdisciplinary and integrated national laboratories, optimize the allocation of human and financial resources, and form a new pattern of collaborative innovation

where is the future focus of the domestic analysis and testing industry

as an important leading enterprise in product quality supervision, testing and testing, the analytical and testing instrument industry plays an important role in the increasingly competitive social and economic security environment! Then, which starting points should the domestic analysis and testing industry aim at in the market competition

in order to adapt to the rapid development of modern high-tech research and industry, as the technology of information acquisition, processing and transmission chain in the information age, the development of analytical instruments is inevitable. Without new analytical methods, analytical technologies and corresponding brand-new analytical instruments, it is impossible to obtain more comprehensive, more sensitive, more reliable and more comprehensive analytical and detection information in the field of research and production, and there is no scientific and technological innovation in the 21st century. This is a characteristic of us in the new situation, and it is also the reason why new technologies and new products of analytical instruments continue to emerge, and the high-tech content is increasing

in the first few years of the 20th century, analytical technology served the mass production of modern industries, mainly to adapt to the analysis and monitoring of industrial and agricultural production, ensure product quality, and ensure the mass production process. Nowadays, the "field of application" of analytical instrument technology has been greatly expanded. The most striking thing is that its application in the fields of biology, environmental protection, medicine and other related human survival and development is changing with each passing day. The development of modern high technology in the military also promotes the application and expansion of analytical technology and analytical instruments

it is certain that 10. Impact performance: gb/t 14152 (2) 001 experimental method for external impact resistance of thermoplastic pipes clockwise rotation method. Under the new development opportunity, the application of analytical technology and analytical instruments will realize the expansion from "material" to "human". We must be aware of this development trend and choose a right position and direction for the development of analytical instruments. For domestic testing instruments, China should make an overall plan, organize research on the commonalities and weak links of industrial development, and focus on the promotion of verification and comprehensive evaluation technical services, so as to improve the competitiveness of the industry and narrow the gap with foreign advanced technology

as time goes by, 2017 has passed away. Standing at the door of 2018, we not only feel the ups and downs of the development path of the analytical and testing instrument industry in 2017, but also smell the flavor of the times of technological change, consumption upgrading and capital blowout in 2018. In 2018, China's analytical and testing instrument industry needs to stabilize its body and mind in the uncertain situation, do a good job and embrace the new future of China's testing! Whether the "13th five year plan" will create more space for the technical upgrading and standard specifications of the analytical and testing instrument industry, let's wait and see

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