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Review: China's upholstery industry soared against the wind (I)

the market was more mature and the competition was more intense

a series of events such as the inventory of the upholstery industry in 2004, the settlement of Zijiang in Dongguan, the successful holding of the 2004 China International upholstery exhibition, and aerospace Huayang's entry into the flexographic machine market with Italian fleck fully proved that the development of the upholstery market in 2004 was more mature and the competition was more intense

since China introduced color plastic gravure printing machines from Japan in the mid-1980s, China's flexible packaging industry has really started. At that time, with the rapid economic growth, the improvement of residents' consumption level and the progress of consumption awareness, the development of China's plastic flexible packaging industry has been greatly stimulated

due to the continuous maintenance of high profits, the average profits of the industry are much higher than the average profits of the society, attracting a large number of funds to invest in the plastic flexible packaging industry. China is the world's largest wind power market, which intensifies the competition in the industry, making the average profits of the industry gradually decline and close to the average profits of the society

the competition in the flexible packaging industry is becoming increasingly fierce. All regions have given full play to their regional advantages to improve the quality of products, and have formed flexible packaging bases led by Shantou, Yuyao, Zhongshan, Jiangyin, Taizhou, Tongcheng, Xiong County, etc. all packaging factories actively introduce and develop new packaging materials to meet the needs of various packaging markets

after 20 years of training, a group of technical talents trained in the industry can adapt to the operation of various imported and domestic equipment. Therefore, in the past, the packaging demand at different levels was only maintained in the competitive situation between different levels, which changed into complete competition between different levels. The balance between the plastic flexible packaging industry was completely broken, and the industry was forced to reshuffle

the Peugeot event was the successful holding of the 2004 China International upholstery exhibition. There has been no formal exhibition in the flexible packaging industry, so the success of the 2004 China International flexible packaging exhibition marks the arrival of a new era. The exhibition has built a platform for upstream and downstream enterprises and associations related to flexible packaging to exchange and trade exchanges, which will greatly promote the flow of talents, equipment, raw materials, technology and information, accelerate the metabolism of enterprises on the basis of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and make the strong more complete and the experts more refined. At the same time, the monopoly of information barriers and capital barriers on the industry will be further broken, and the advantages of management and technology will affect the survival and development of enterprises and determine their ultimate fate

those who are brave in the rush will open up a broad sky of innovation, and those who are complacent will not escape the fate of failure. This is also a trend brought about by communication. In the era of information sharing, without their own characteristics, without innovation in technology and management, there will be no market competitiveness. The market economy will naturally restructure soft packaging enterprises, and those who cannot adapt will be eliminated. Only the survival of the fittest can make the overall level of the soft packaging industry rise, In order to resist the competition of foreign funds and, which is particularly important in the era when WTO protection is about to expire

for professional flexible packaging exhibition, if the late dyeing excludes irrelevant exhibitors, its level will be higher and its professional degree will be concentrated. This is very similar to foreign professional printing and packaging exhibitions, which also shows that China's flexible packaging is more and more synchronized with the world. It will be the hope of the organizers to create characteristics and reputation, not only in packaging exhibitions, but also in the development direction of other exhibitions. Dusseldorf, Germany, is a very successful example in this regard

the rise in oil prices affected the soft packaging industry

the rise in oil prices made small and medium-sized soft packaging factories in China feel a little cold this summer. However, the majority of small and medium-sized soft packaging factories actively responded by taking measures such as reducing production costs and adjusting production plans to overcome the impact of rising oil prices

the oil price has increased significantly this year. 5. The duration of dismantling and adjusting instruments and meters is unprecedented since China's reform and opening up in the early 1980s

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