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Review the feelings of the printing manufacturers of the 2008 Shanghai International Printing Exhibition

the 2008 Shanghai International Printing Exhibition has successfully concluded. Looking back on this grand event, there are too many wonderful things worth recording. At this exhibition, hall E5 gathered 90% of the printing plants at this exhibition, which is a different performance from that in the past at this year's Guangzhou printing exhibition. For the first time, a special area was specially opened for printing plants to hold exhibitions. Targeted interviews were conducted on the feelings of some printing manufacturers about their first exhibition

Shanghai Chenxi Printing Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in exquisite packaging such as calendars and postcards. This is the first time to participate in the exhibition this year. When asked about the overall feeling of this Canton printing exhibition, Xiang, the manager of Shanghai Chenxi Printing Co., Ltd., said to him: it is difficult for printing enterprises like us to achieve immediate results if they participate in this kind of exhibition for the first time. However, this exhibition has many visitors, which is also a good publicity opportunity for our company

the person in charge of Shanghai Lijia plate making and Printing Co., Ltd. told directly that the purpose of our coming is to do some publicity for the enterprise and let more people know about our company. This is also shown on Lijia's booth, which is full of souvenirs such as exquisite printed picture books and postcards. Visitors can get these souvenirs as long as they leave their own business cards. The person in charge also praised the popularity of this exhibition, saying that the next exhibition will come again

manager CAI of Shanghai Fanjing Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. told: this year's exhibition is better in form than last year! Because this year, such an area has been specially divided for printing and packaging, and its popularity is also good! The main products of the company in this exhibition are all kinds of packaging materials and packaging products made by the company. When asked why it is necessary to change from printing to packaging, manager Cai said: because the whole printing market is now changing to digital printing, our company's previous machinery manufacturing was mainly prepress manufacturing, so this will not become a big climate in the future development trend. Then we want to turn the main force of the company to the packaging industry related to printing. It seems that every printer has seen the general trend of digital printing

the freshman group, which is mainly committed to the printing and decoration of flat and hardcover picture books, books and textbooks, also participated in the exhibition. The freshman mainly displayed digital printing technology at this exhibition. As an expert proficient in digital printing in the industry, Mr. Wu, a person in charge who came to this exhibition, said: the current digital printing technology can be used in many fields with the elongation at break of PE ranging from 90% to 950% (among which linear low-density polyethylene ll has a higher elongation of DPE if it is tested on items with greater elasticity and longer length). In addition, its critical surface tension is 34-38mn/cm, which requires good equipment for printing, At present, all the equipment owned by our company is the most advanced in the past. When talking about his feelings about the exhibition, Mr. Wu expressed great satisfaction. He said in a pile of business cards: you see, we have already sent out all the business cards we have prepared, and now more than half of our spare business cards are used. It is conceivable that there are many visitors to this booth

all the printers interviewed said they were very satisfied with the exhibition and hoped to have another chance to attend it next time. At the same time, as the printing industry is currently facing a painful period, they said they would spend this period through various channels, including the purchase of new equipment and network promotion. As the annual international event of the global printing industry, the setting of the printing plant area of this exhibition undoubtedly provides and measures the output of amplifier units for the vast number of printing manufacturers, which has a broader market, and truly achieved the goal of this exhibition: to create a global procurement and trade platform

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