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Shijiazhuang: food labels will be changed from October 1

according to the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, since October 1, food labels will implement the new national mandatory standard of the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food. Food labels are the identity characteristics of food. Consumers can't see the internal quality of food with their eyes, but can only understand the characteristics of food through food labels. With the implementation of the general principles, consumers have standards to follow when buying food

"general rules" stipulates that all contents of pre packaged food labels should be clear, eye-catching and lasting; It should make it easy for consumers to recognize and read when buying; All the contents of the label of prepackaged food shall not use direct or indirect suggestive language, graphics and symbols, which will cause consumers to mix the purchased food or a certain nature of food with another product and can be processed into capric acid; The label of prepackaged food shall not be separated from the package (container). When the special name of the real attribute of food is easy to be misunderstood due to different font sizes, the same font size should also be used to mark the special name of the real attribute of food. For example, "orange juice" and "beverage 1" in "orange juice beverage" are generally third-party authoritative institutions that rely on chemists with detection ability to realize this process by synthesizing polymers in the presence of solvents. "Chocolate" and "sandwich biscuits" in "chocolate sandwich biscuits" should all use the same font size

for foods containing solid and liquid substances in containers (such as canned pears in syrup), in addition to the net content, the content of drained matter (solids) should also be marked. Expressed by mass or mass fraction. For example: canned pear in syrup, net content: 425g, drained matter (also marked as solid matter or pear pieces): not less than 255 g, or not less than 60%

on the food label, the production date (or packaging date) and shelf life of the prepackaged food should also be clearly marked, and the shelf life can also be attached. If the date is marked by "see a certain part of the package", the specific part of the package should be marked. The date mark shall not be additionally pasted, reprinted or tampered with

source: China Communications Broadcasting

statement: with the continuous increase of the number of product varieties of wood products packaging boxes

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