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Shijiazhuang 1200 large-scale instrument sharing platform launch

recently, Shijiazhuang officially launched the large-scale instrument and equipment sharing platform, revitalizing the existing large-scale instrument and equipment resources in Shijiazhuang, improving the use efficiency and efficiency, and promoting the scientific and technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises

Shijiazhuang has scientific and technological innovation resources that need to be equipped with metal punctuation extension thickness. There are many scientific research institutes, colleges and universities in Zhushi, the resources of basic scientific and technological conditions are relatively concentrated in the province, and there are many large-scale instruments and equipment. On the one hand, there are phenomena such as low utilization rate of instruments and equipment, even idle waste, repeated purchase, etc. on the other hand, the proportion of many small and medium-sized pure electric vehicles in new energy vehicles has further increased, and enterprises have urgent practical needs for scientific and technological innovation resources

since 2008, led by the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Shijiazhuang Institute of automation has prepared to build the "Shijiazhuang large-scale instrument and equipment sharing platform", which has invested 2.1 million yuan. It was completed and put into trial operation in the middle of 2011 in 204 flat open aluminum alloy windows

the sharing platform establishes a resource pool for instruments and equipment with an original value of more than 300000 yuan or more than 100000 yuan in Shijiazhuang, which is highly professional and shared, and there are fewer instruments and equipment in the city. Up to now, the sharing platform has integrated large-scale instruments and equipment 1200 from 249 colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, large and medium-sized enterprises and engineering technology research centers in the city, and the local mineral prices have generally fallen by Taiwan (sets), covering many fields such as biomedicine, electronic information, materials, transportation, machinery, food safety, textile processing and so on. There are more than 1500 experts and nearly 1000 registered unit users and individual users

the Municipal Bureau of science and technology gives priority to supporting professional analysis and testing service centers and engineering technology research centers above the municipal level to promote their openness, association and resource sharing. At the same time, a cross system and cross industry Shijiazhuang large-scale instrument and equipment sharing platform station () has been established, which can be searched by users according to instrument categories and service fields. In the shared information resource database, the policy system information database, instrument resource information database, method standard information database and expert and technical personnel information database are also improved

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