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Switch to gem! Polymerization technology increases the production capacity of epoxy resin products for wind power by 20000 tons/year

switch to gem! On June 11, 2021, Guangzhou polymerized New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. issued a prospectus for its initial public offering. After this stock offering, it is planned to be listed on the gem 5, experimental speed market

polymerization technology's main business is the R & D, production and sales of epoxy resin for wind power blades, epoxy resin for electronic packaging, powder coating, silicone resin and other new composite materials. The products are widely used in the fields of wind power blades, new energy vehicles, electronic components, LED packaging, sports equipment and automobile lightweight. Among them, epoxy resin products are the main business of polymerization technology, and the market share of the main products is shown in the following figure:

in recent years, the business performance of polymerization technology has increased rapidly: from 2018 to 2020, the company achieved sales revenue of 145 million yuan, 223 million yuan and 395 million yuan respectively, and its stroke blade epoxy resin is the main business of the company, with three-year sales revenue of 41.65 million yuan, 106.16 million yuan and 25.671 million yuan respectively; The net profits were -340300 yuan, 10.259 million yuan and 52.3494 million yuan respectively. See the following figure for the sales of polymerization technology company's main products in recent years:

according to the prospectus, polymerization technology plans to raise 204million yuan, which will be used for the production of new resin materials and technological transformation projects (phase II), 10000 tons of new resin materials projects, R & D center construction projects and supplementary working capital. After the project invested by the raised funds is fully up to capacity and effective, the company's production capacity of epoxy resin products for wind power blades will increase by 20600 tons/year, an increase of about 180.70%

in order to meet the company's development needs, the company needs to increase the capacity of epoxy resin for wind power blades. Therefore, the company adjusted the original capacity of 12800 tons of epoxy resin for electronic packaging (including 8800 tons of epoxy resin for electronic packaging in the construction project with an annual output of 9600 tons of electronic packaging materials and 4000 tons of epoxy resin for electronic packaging in the reconstruction and expansion project) to 6200 tons of capacity for epoxy resin for wind power blades

main technical parameters of polymerization technology production: the main production cost of the product is the direct material cost. During the reporting period, the company mainly purchased raw materials from outside without information shown in the experimental curve. The total purchase amount of basic epoxy resin and curing agent from 2018 to 2020 accounted for 69.52%, 75.45% and 79.50% of the total purchase amount of the current period, respectively, compared with the force value driving the movement of the gauge rod. In 2020, the procurement volume of polymerization technology epoxy resin reached 14800 tons, and the procurement volume of curing agent was 9806 tons

in 2020, the main suppliers of polymerization technology are South Korea Jinhu group, Changzhou Tianli, Yangnong Jinhu, Hubei green home and Yangzhou Chenhua:

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