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When the shield machine drives through the tunnel, it immediately forms

when you take the subway to quickly shuttle through all corners of Changsha City, you may not know that it is because there is an 80 meter long "Earth Dragon" gnawing at the earth and eating the mud that these tunnels can lead passengers to the four directions now exist

in this phase, the author will go to the first stop at the grass-roots level. The stress of continuous materials located in Xingsha will be reduced. For three years, it will be listed as one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry and the railway construction heavy industry workshop that won the fifth "Hunan Provincial governor Quality Award". In the workshops in the national Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, the shield machines produced locally in Hunan are being assembled at the rate of 4 per month, making brilliant contributions to the economic and social development of Hunan, especially the infrastructure construction and the development of equipment manufacturing industry

general method sj/t11141 ⑵ 003 sets of 4led display screens can be assembled every month

in the railway construction heavy industry group, No. 88, Dongqi Road, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, there are five workshops, of which six shield machines are being assembled or disassembled in the phase II workshop of general assembly. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the outdoor temperature was still low, and the wide workshop was warm due to the welding sparks splashed from time to time

the length of the shield machine body is mostly about 80 meters - the front cutter head rotates to crush rock or soil, and the rear machine body transports the slag and stones out and pastes concrete segments around. After driving, a tunnel can be formed. Because of this underground drilling dragon, each section of Changsha Metro that starts tunneling can be formed at an average speed of 9 meters per day

when Feng Xuan was born in 1990, he wore bright red railway construction heavy tooling to and fro the workshop. He was the monitor of the second shift of General Assembly in the general manufacturing plant of the company. He said that from the purchase or self purchase of spare parts, to the assembly of a finished product, to the commissioning and delivery acceptance, 56 workers of a single shield machine can complete 4 sets a month

has experienced four update iterations

"the shield machine used in Changsha Metro now is our fourth edition." Pointing to other shield machines of the same type in the workshop, chenqingbin, director of the earth pressure balance shield Research Institute of the tunneling machine Research Institute of the tunneling machine division of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation, said, "some of the renewal iterations are for geological reasons, some are for construction needs, and some are for on-site personalized operation requirements."

Chen Qingbin introduced that in the early days, the geological situation of Changsha was relatively simple, and one type of machine can basically cope with it. With the increasing number of subway lines under construction, the geological situation encountered began to become complex, some of them had to drill through hard rock areas, some had to go through karst caves, and others had to cross the river from the bottom of the river with sufficient water content...

different strata correspond to different cutter needs. After winning the order, on the one hand, they designed the performance of the cutter head host specifically, on the other hand, they also tried to meet the engineering needs within the scope of the whole machine. Since Changsha Metro first used machines in 2010, more than 80 shield machines produced by the company have been used in line 2 and line 1, as well as line 3, line 4 and line 5 under shield construction

won half of the domestic market

the shield machine market used to be occupied by foreign brands for a long time. Chen Qingbin still remembered the scene when he talked about the order when he just graduated. "The orderer directly took the foreign technical standard drawings and asked if we could do it."

nowadays, the domestic shield machine market has been conquered by China railway construction heavy industry. In the field of large-diameter shield machines with a diameter of more than 6 meters, it has reached 85% market share in the 3-point zigzag experiment. Three years ago, the first domestic large-diameter full face hard rock tunnel boring machine (open TBM), which was crowned as the "king of tunneling machines" and has independent intellectual property rights, was offline in the company, once again filling the domestic gap, marking a major breakthrough in the field of large-scale high-end equipment manufacturing in China

behind the breakthroughs one after another is the persistence and dedication of Chen Qingbin day after day. Chen Qingbin has not climbed Yuelu Mountain since he came to Changsha from Heilongjiang for nearly nine years

half a month ago, the construction of the heavy equipment Industrial Park of China railway construction heavy industry, covering an area of 1700 mu, started at a place about 16 kilometers away from the workshop. Liu Feixiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China railway construction heavy industry, said in his speech: "it will help Hunan continue to strengthen, optimize and expand the rail transit and equipment manufacturing industry."

New Year's wish

at the Spring Festival every year, the last person to leave the Department pastes a seal on the office. Chen Qingbin has fulfilled this "important task" for 9 years. Asked about his wishes for the new year, Chen Qingbin smiled shyly. "I didn't spend much time with my family before, so I hope to spend more time with them!"

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