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Hebei news (Yang Jiawei) since the beginning of summer, Shijiazhuang has continued to experience high temperature weather and the power load has increased rapidly. At 21:28 on July 21, the daily maximum load of Shijiazhuang power reached 7.99 million KW, a record high. It is predicted that the maximum load will likely appear in late July and early August, and is expected to reach 8.6 million KW, an increase of 8.27% year-on-year, of which the air conditioning load component can reach 3.05 million KW

it is reported that in the face of the severe situation that the popularity of electricity will also be further expanded to meet the peak in summer, Shijiazhuang power supply company has strengthened the transformation and upgrading of electricity, which has been used in more and more projects across the United States and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and has incorporated infrastructure projects into the project of meeting the peak in summer to promote the implementation, Complete 4 peak summer overhaul technical transformation projects, 76 distribution overload line transformation and 828 agricultural upgrading and transformation projects. The implementation of the "6 ⋅ 30" power distribution project involves four major projects, namely, the treatment of 10kV overload lines, the transformation and upgrading of electricity in beautiful villages and poor villages, the treatment of overload distribution and transformation, the treatment of equipment overload in autumn and winter, and 904 individual projects. A total of 2576.20 kilometers of lines of 10kV and below are newly built and reconstructed, 735 new transformers are added, and the distribution and transformation capacity is 159.46 MVA, effectively alleviating the overload problem of distribution lines and distribution transformers

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