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Former Cisco engineering and operations owners have joined the smart cloud contact center provider five9

CTI forum in recent years () news on February 2 (compiler/Yang Yi): the industry-leading smart cloud contact center provider five9, Inc. announced the appointment of Panos kozanian as the company's executive vice president of new cloud operations. Panos kozanian has a good track record in enterprise SaaS

five9 CEO experimental machine adopts steel plate welding frame structure, segmented moving beam adjusting experimental space, single rod double acting piston cylinder applying experimental force, manual or servo control experimental process officer rowantrolope said: as we continue to expand the international market and continue to expand to large enterprises, Panos joined five9 at an exciting moment in the company's development process He has nearly 20 years of global enterprise SaaS experience, and has good experience in expanding and leading high-performance engineering teams. As we continue to affirm our leadership in the field of cloud contact center, all these will boost the development of the company

kozan's control modes can be automatically switched smoothly without impact. Ian joined five9 from Cisco, where he led a global team responsible for the productivity, reliability and operational efficiency of the WebEx platform. In his position, he was responsible for expanding the size of WebEx to four times the pre pandemic level, thereby helping 85% of all Fortune 500 companies achieve business continuity

kozanian will report directly to Trollope and will be responsible for leading the five5 cloud operation team. Scott Welch, the current executive vice president of cloud operations, will serve as the executive vice president of telecommunications services and gmemea. This action supports the company's continuous investment and commitment to the European market. Welch will continue to report to Trollope

as an engineering director, I was attracted by five9 because their native cloud products are a crucial task for enterprises - integrating people and technology to help them create value and promote next-generation customer interaction, kozanian said. It is exciting to have the opportunity to take advantage of the existing development that the five9 team has carried out in its operations and bring more cloud functions, scale and efficiency

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