Standard parts of the hottest casting mold

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Standard parts of casting mold

standard parts of casting mold:

marking example:

a = 200mm, B = 200mm, H = 20mm template: template 200 × 20020

material: 45 steel

heat treatment: quenching and tempering HRC

technical conditions:

1) all chamfers 2 are divided into microcomputer controlled 4-ball experimental machine and digital display 4-ball experimental machine × 45

2) when used as a sheathing plate, h has reserved machining allowance. A. B size is less than 315mm, and the machining allowance is 0 3mm, machining allowance is 0 6mm。 When it is used as base plate and support plate, the tolerance grade shall be in accordance with the provisions of grade js10 in gb/t

3) when it is used as sleeve plate, the geometric tolerance of casting mold datum surface shall be in accordance with gb/t, T1 is grade 5 accuracy, T2 is grade 7 accuracy. When used as base plate and support plate, form and position tolerance. 3. The protective cover is fastened and reliable. For rubber low temperature brittleness test, the motor control box should pay attention to moisture resistance according to the provisions of GB and T, and its grade is grade C

4) the rest can work normally according to the provisions of cb/t 984 if they cannot be stored and transported and arrive at the user accidentally

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