Standard system of the hottest paper industry

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Paper industry standard system table

paper industry standard system table

paper industry standard system table is a long-term plan for paper standards, which will guide the preparation and revision of paper standards in the next few years. The system table is divided into three parts: basic standard, method standard and product standard. Among them, the product standard is divided into printing paper and cultural testing machine according to the product type. Are they the same? There are five categories of crack free public paper, packaging paper, technical paper and household paper. According to the current situation of papermaking products, the Secretariat of the papermaking Standardization Committee included most mature products in the system table. With the increasing abundance of paper products, we will improve the system table every once in a while

1. Basic standard of paper industry (TC141) ★ 5C3 packaging paper and paperboard 2 Paper industry method standard (TC141) ★ 5C4 technical paper and paperboard 2.1 chemical analysis standard information recording paper and paperboard 2.2 fiber morphology analysis standard filter paper June 2013 and paperboard 2.3 physical and mechanical properties determination method standard electrical insulation paper and paperboard 2.4 optical properties determination method standard industrial and agricultural paper and paperboard 2.5 electrical properties determination method standard special paper and paperboard 2.6 appearance determination method standard unprocessed and loaded with acid Oil to detect evaporation residue and other detection contents base paper 2.7 others ★ 5C5 household paper and paperboard 3 Paper industry product standards and related standards disposable household paper products 3.1 paper industry product standards non disposable household paper and paperboard 3.1.1 pulp 3.2 related standards (TC141) 3.1.2 paper and paperboard (5cc5) 3.2.1 paper ★ 5c1 printing paper and paperboard 3.2.2 paper raw materials ★ 5c2 cultural office paper and paperboard 3.2.3 other equipment

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