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The standard process strategy for winning the sales of key customers of industrial products

the key customer procurement of industrial products has the characteristics of large single amount, many decision-makers, long decision-making time and complex decision-making process. The most important thing is that the customer procurement arranges the staff to solve the problem at the customer's site as soon as possible. There is a fixed process, which can generally be divided into six steps: 1) internal demand and project approval 2) preliminary investigation and screening of suppliers; 3) Formulate procurement index 4) bidding and bid evaluation; 5) Purchase commitment; 6) Installation implementation

due to the different focuses that customers care about at different stages of the procurement process, salespeople need to form six stages of the sales process corresponding to the six processes of customer procurement, 1) development stage - collecting customer information and evaluation 2) sales entry stage - clarifying customer organization and roles, and establishing good relations with key people 3) proposal stage - affecting customer procurement standards, Provide solutions 4) bidding stage 5) business negotiation stage 6) project implementation stage

the essence of the "standard process" is: the salesperson takes into account the main work content of each of the six stages of customer development, sales entry, proposal, bidding, business negotiation and project implementation, harmonizes the development of various modes of transportation and the control of efficient connection and key nodes, advances to the next sales process in turn, and finally achieves the purpose of successfully obtaining orders

the so-called key nodes and the control of key nodes refer to the milestone events that affect the development of the sales process in each of the six stages of the sales process. We call them key nodes. For example, the signing of the contract between both parties in the business negotiation stage is the key point. If the set key node is not reached, the sales process will not be able to enter the next stage. Even if the next stage is forcibly entered, the probability of success of the project will be greatly reduced. For example, when customers need personalized solutions and non-standard products, the earlier the salesperson enters the project sales, the greater the probability of success

I) main work contents and key nodes in the development stage

main work contents:

· customer lead search: before and after the customer's project approval, timely grasp the customer's possible project information

· evaluate sales opportunities: try to collect and clarify key evaluation elements such as customer needs, project/procurement schedule, budget, competition, decision-making and priority evaluation items

· judge the level of customers: customers are divided into level a, level B, level C and level D according to the estimated transaction time and transaction possibility

not all projects are sales opportunities. Some projects have capital risks, some projects are too small to be followed up and invested, and some projects have technical requirements that your products cannot meet. Therefore, first of all, we need to collect the factors related to the proposed project: project level, capital status, technical requirements, customer relationship, customer reputation and factors related to competition: products, prices, technical solutions, after-sales service, etc., and evaluate them in the pre established evaluation model. Pass the evaluation and prepare to enter the next sales stage; If it fails, consider giving up or reducing the contact level

secondly, due to the great differences between different customers in the urgency of solving problems and the transaction time, it is necessary to prioritize customers (level a, level B, level C, level D), distinguish primary and secondary, reasonably allocate resources, and invest resources and time in level a customers

class a customers: go all out and enter the sales process

class B customers: control investment time, customer maintenance

class C customers: pay attention to changes, customer maintenance

class d customers: finally, consider customer maintenance

key nodes: evaluate and grade potential customers

II) work content and key nodes in the sales entry stage:

main work content:

· further confirm and analyze the project information obtained in the early stage

· clarify the customer organization and role, and establish a good relationship with the key people

find your insiders through the visits of the salesperson, understand the organization chart of the customer's internal procurement through the insiders, clarify the role and functional division of the customer, determine the proportion of the key people who affect the project procurement decision, and establish a good relationship with the key people. At the same time, due to the large number of customer participants in the project procurement, You should also maintain good relationships with others in your customers. The goal of this stage is to become a candidate supplier selected by the customer

key nodes: insiders and key people

III) work content and key nodes in the proposal stage

main work content:

· use the forms of product/solution demonstration, company visit, customer visit of used products, submission of proposals, etc. to influence customers, make them fully understand our products and services, and establish competitive advantages

· influence or participate in the formulation of customers' purchasing standards. If the salesperson does not affect customers' purchasing indicators in the proposal stage, he will face fierce price competition in the next stage

· further carry out necessary influence work on the main decision-makers and key people of customers

through effective inquiry, the salesperson understands the needs of customers. Your products and solutions can just meet the needs of customers, while competitors can't. persuade customers to take your company's product characteristics and technical standards as the purchasing standards; Or influence and participate in the formulation of customer procurement standards with the professional level of sales personnel to make it beneficial to your products. It will effectively block competitors and be very beneficial to the subsequent bidding stage

key nodes: customer procurement standards

IV) work content and key nodes in the bidding stage

main work content

· in the bidding stage, the main work of key account salespersons is to write bids according to customers' bidding. The customer judges the feasibility and rationality of the supplier's scheme through the tender document, so the tender document should also reflect that its own scheme can best meet the needs of customers

· analyze the project cost and expected gross profit according to the situation of competitors, the ranking order of customers on suppliers, and the bidding (negotiation) instructions provided by customers. Determine the preparation of the bidding plan and basis, and determine the price positioning of the products and projects used in the plan

· further carry out necessary influence work on the main decision-makers of customers

in the bidding document, the customer has converted the demand into purchase indicators, and in the future, the customer is more inclined to compare prices. If you find that the purchase standard of the customer is really unfavorable to you, you can choose to quit the competition and wait for the next opportunity

key nodes: bidding or bid negotiation

V) work content and key nodes in the business negotiation stage

main work content:

· arrange senior executives of the company to visit customers

· conduct business negotiations with customers

· sign the supply contract

key nodes: contract approval and contract signing

VI) work content in the project implementation stage

work content: successfully implement the project and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers

key nodes: project acceptance and project completion

"standard process" is a very useful tool for system management business in key account sales. Through the unified definition or description of each stage of sales, every link and process of sales work can be based on. It can help salespersons clarify their thinking and point out the direction in the complicated customer relationship, formulate targeted plans and action plans according to the different needs of customers at different stages of the procurement process, and finally achieve the goal of improving the success rate of project sales

a salesman of industrial products, Xiao Zhang, encountered such confusion. He wrote in his email to me:

teacher Lu: I am a salesman who sells meters for industrial equipment. In July this year, the sales director of our company learned the information of this instrument project from a former customer B. at that time, he knew that the products involving this part of us might be invited for bidding in November this year, This project is in Ningxia, our company is in Beijing, and there is no agent in Ningxia. Now the person in charge of the instrument of this project a is the colleague of customer B who has cooperated with our company's sales director before, but our director has never met with customer B, and the relationship is very general

after learning about this project, I came to Ningxia in early July and met a, but this person was more procedural to me. He asked me to put materials and other things there and wanted to have further contact with him, but I didn't give him a chance at all, so I went back to Beijing. During my stay in Beijing, we came into contact with the person in charge of the design department by chance. The person in charge of the design institute said that we could design our products, But the time is quite urgent. I don't know if I have time

I came to Ningxia again this week, but unfortunately a went out of town on business and didn't see him. I've heard that I'll be back from Beijing in a few days. I think this is a good opportunity. However, for the smooth progress of the project, I met a person under the person in charge of the instrument. She said that this part of the bidding was still early. It was estimated that in November, no other information would be disclosed. I found the manager of the project and the name and name of the Deputy manager on their blackboard. The next morning, I saw one of the deputy managers. The deputy manager also asked me to give the information to the person in charge of the instrument, leaving only my business card, I was dismissed. Then I called the manager again, but I hung up before I finished listening to my introduction

the sales director of our company gave me a professional call today to provide me with a comprehensive solution of spring tension and compression testing machine, spring change testing machine, spring fatigue testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, electronic tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, pressure testing machine and hardness tester. I introduced the basic situation. She blamed me for not doing what I should do at all, such as not contacting the business department, What if people don't give the chance to bid at all? I don't think I can do it well myself, but I just don't know how to do it. I'm always against a wall. Mr. Lu, what do you think I should do now? By the way, according to the person in charge of the instrument, there are three other companies besides our company that have already reported to her

this is a real case. I believe that more salespeople like Xiao Zhang will encounter the same confusion and be at a loss. They can't find Bei in the project and don't know what to do next. One thing is certain. According to the current situation, there is little chance for Xiao Zhang to succeed in this project. How to do it? "Standard process" can at least help Xiao Zhang solve the problem of directionality, know which direction to work in, and then consider the details of how to operate

the customer in the case should be in the stage of preliminary investigation and screening of suppliers after project approval, corresponding to the stage of sales entry. However, due to the lack of main work contents and key nodes in the early development stage, it is urgent to collect information from customers first, clarify key evaluation elements such as customer needs, project/procurement schedule, budget, competition, decision-making and priority evaluation items, and then evaluate and grade

pass the evaluation and then enter the next sales process, that is, the sales entry stage

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